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Megadeth. O_O

Holy Wars
Washington Is Next
Burnt Ice

...that's all I got for now.
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Your speech is very good!
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Blindfolds aside by Protest the Hero=Hard
3s & 7s by QOTSA=Slightly hard

Thats what im playing now
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Originally Posted by klb93
I need a tab thats like heavy metal with some heavy riffs that sound awesome, something thats around the same difficulty as Six by All that Remains?? some help me out

HAve you ever listened to any Unearth? I would reccomend This Glorious Nightmare from them....if you have a 7-string or can tune to B-E-A-D-G-B thats waht I do...I bought a $250 ESP guitar and threw some 56's on it and its pretty good...

um..There is a couple of old Through The Eyes of the Dead songs with some heavy as hell riffs that are around that difficulty if you listen to that kind of metal....I am about to put up a Maroon song called Vermin thats pretty sick and there is also one of their songs on here called "Wake Up in Hell" thats heavy as ****....I would reccommend those
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Tool- Schism
I'd say it's intermediate. All of Tool's stuff is super-fun. Lots of rythm and hammer-ons.
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That dood
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Stairway to heaven by led zep is actually a very good solo to learn because its one of the few solos that is tabbed out for us perfectly. I don't have an ear to figure this **** out just yet...

Oh... another good song I learned off of this site: Cliffs of dover by eric johnson
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Hey, Dose anybody got some good beginner-intermediate tabs?
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Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

The solo in famous last words by MCR a little hard, but not too bad. I can do it and i've only played for a year.

Elegy by As I Lay Dying
Beginner - Intermediate

Isn't hard put pretty fun. no really complicated bits, just hammer ons, pull offs and lots of palm muting. Beginners may have a little trouble with this one.

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Does anyone know any tab software that works on macs?
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Has anyone heard of Tomi Paldanius? If not I suggest searching this guy on youtube, he plays an acoustic fingerstyle. If you have heard of him does anyone know where i could find the tab for his version of apologize?

This link will take you directly to his youtube channel, where you can view some of his stuff. All his stuff is pretty amazing, definatly check out his version of livin on a prayer.

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shine by collective soul

beginner until the solo and then intermediate/advanced. you have to have alot of speed to play it
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Wakka wakka
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Opeth - Serenity Painted Death...it's a great song to play, and the intro riff is so friggin moving!
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for anybody that wants to, please check out my bands tab. we are a small band from Canada and we want our music to be noticed. We only have one song posted currently but more will come. It is'nt hard but it is'nt easy so check it out. We are under Unsigned Bands Metabolicalliance-spider. It's Metal!

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Jerry C - Canon Rock,,, it's quite hard,, but it sounds really awesome!! xD
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Originally Posted by Bodomizer
a good intermediate song

Inferno(unleash the fire) - Symphony X

I would say that Inferno is an advanced song...

Originally Posted by bob6667
Does anyone know any tab software that works on macs?

I'm asking the same.
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glasgow kiss by john petrucci
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Cemetary Gates by Pantera
In Your Face by Children of Bodom
Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
Perineum - John 5
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The Decieved- Trivium.

Best Trivium song. Period.
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Originally Posted by Lappo
clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

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Tamacun by Rodrigo Y Gabriela,
and Devil Went Back Down To Georgia( the rock version not the johnny cash one )
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