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In the profile, we always have notifications to new things such as private messages, friend requests, and mp3 subscriptions.

If someone accepts your friend request, you receive a notification. After viewing that notification, there's an option titled "don't show this again" and by selecting that it won't keep telling you that there's a new accepted friend request.

I'm suggesting this be added for mp3 subscriptions. If you view a new mp3 subscription, the notification doesn't disappear.
I can't stand seeing "1 new" every single time I go to my profile. No matter how many times I click on it, it doesn't go away. The only solution is just waiting for it to expire.
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It'd be nice if there was a link on someone's profile, to see their signature. I only ask, because I turned off sigs, as I generally have no interest in them, but if i see one of those really poorly worded dodgy adbot-y posts, i have to go turn on signatures, to see if they are an adbot, or just not good at English.
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what if when you receive a notification, an icon appears on the ''profile'' button at the top of the page?
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I'm living in the province of Quebec (Canada) and can't I can't win prize like the Jam PArty because I'm living in Quebec.MY suggestion is to chance this rule
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Larry Masterson
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My suggestions are these:
1) How about a "Today's Rock 'n' Roll Birthdays" column!
2) How about a "Today in Rock 'n' Roll History" column! Highlight epic concerts, classic festivals, album releases, single releases, deaths of stars, etc.
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could you put in a "sort by" button when searching forums?

i look for musician ads in Billings MT and i have to go through Pit and stuff

if i could just see the category or sort them by category, date, hot, ect...
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Chirp and Swirl
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^ I think you can search by forum
Originally Posted by classicrocker01
Only on UG would I say I got engaged and bought a jet city and get congratulated on the amp

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This site was the best tab site in the web, and became a the site with more blocked tabs in the web.
All the tabs are blocked.
At least we could know who posted them to talk with that person to send the tab personaly
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is it possible to dwl your personal tab library in 1 zip file
coud be nice to do it ..woud be less painfull
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We need wholesale coach handbags!
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Till From Kenig
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Originally Posted by romancefer
We need wholesale coach handbags!

Yeah, sure, why not?
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Originally Posted by Till From Kenig
Yeah, sure, why not?

Originally Posted by Bill43

I wouldn't know an Opeth song from an Egg McMuffin
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I have the same problem as listed earlier but can't get to any link. How do you get rid of the "1" on the app link? Clicking on it just takes me to the same place with no messages. Thanks!
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It would be nice to be able to import your library of songs in Ultimate Guitar and once a song is played you can bring up it's chords and lyrics. I know you can use the "now playing" feature but you can only do that by first playing your song then logging into UG and finding the tabs. It would be great to have all your music played within the app to avoid the bouncing back and forth.
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Hey people,

I am brand new here and I already see something that bugs me

Are all emotes belonging to DeviantART.com They use the same code and everything (except for rant) Granted that rant was edited just a little (shortened and the hands are white) But everything else is intact.
May I have an explanation to this please?
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Ive seen that my tabs have an individual count hit. I think it would be cool to have a total count hit.


You have uploaded xx number of tabs [xxxxxx] (views)
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Please post only Suggestions and ideas for UGP. About bugs please report in another thread, in Site Bugs forum. Thanks!

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I think there should be a medal system or something. I mean, not everyday you get to tab enough (or good enough) for you to be on the monthly Top 100 or even worldwide list. Maybe there should be a space below the profile where you could display your achievements, like:

This user ranked 78th on our Top 100 tabbers for the month of October 2011.

I think it would be fun to have your acomplishments displayed on your profile.
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how about a video system that gets linked to certain tabs? that way we can see each other play out crazy train or whatever thing it is. maybe a top 10 where we can vote (maybe not comment) on the best versions or something along those lines.

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why u made blocks for countrys? i cant get stairway to heaven xS please remove blocks
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