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Derek <3's You!
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God damn people..

I was GC today and this kid who had a pretty serious mental condition, you know his hands were all scrunched up and he just didn't look like a normal young boy, but DAMN! Once they put that ****ty Peavey guitar in his arms, He just let loose one of the most brutal riffs I've ever heard. I couldn't even explain the perfection this dude had, every technique was flawless and he nailed every note like it was nothing. I decided instead of just staring I'd go over and talk to his mother. She started talking to me and i was asking her how long he's been playing, how old he is... Just some standard questions, you know. Apparently the kid is only 11 years old and doesn't even own a guitar. They just come by every so often and he gets to play. I was so stunned because this kid had to be one of the best guitarists I've ever heard at GC. I asked why they couldn't get him a guitar and she told me they could barely afford food and all that nonsense, it made me kind of sad (yeah, i have a heart). So i started talking to the kid once he wanted to try another guitar and i asked if he wanted to try this acoustic they had on sale. So he sat down and amazed me even more. I finally decided to buy him the guitar, i just felt like i needed to help this kid out and get him a guitar. I've never really done a good deed like that before in my life... I was gonna get a new amp today but i realized he needed something more then me. I already have the set up to play anytime i want, so i said **** it and helped the kid out. His mom was in tears and i felt awkward, and people thought i was beating her because she was balling and ****. I don't cry but she seriously made up for me not crying, no joke.

I just can't understand how they can label someone with such talent as mentally challenged. The kid had more licks then petrucci, and amazed the **** me... Almost the complete opposite of challenged. Does anyone know anyone like that?.. That's labeled mentally challenged or anything of the sort and has supreme talents? I wonder how they obtain such feats of achievement with so little effort, i mean what goes on in their head for them to understand concepts of certain challenging things so easy, but yet struggle with the simplistic things. I've been thinking about this ALL day.
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savants... make me feel like i play like crap

seriously though, you're going to heaven
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Randy Rhoads Fan
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Originally posted by slash_cobain
when the refrigerater tells u to kill stuff and then u do it and noone believes that the refrigerater would say such a thing and while all this is going on, the frige, sitting innocently in the corner, starts making anti semitic remarks
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Thats a very commendable thing you did. I can just picture that whole scene in my mind. You sir, are a very respectable person.
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Very nice thing you did.
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This made my day.

I as well went to Guitar Center today for "the list" and tried out a JEM for the first time (beautiful guitar) but I hate the people that work there, nearly every employee smokes( I saw cause we were lined up outside.)

All I ended up getting were picks and strings.
Originally Posted by Roc8995
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wow...that was a really amazing thing to do
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the telecaster
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you did a great thing today man. i <3 you derek.
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wow, that was pretty charitable man kudos to you, first i've heard of anything like that but my first guess would be he had autism, you ever seen any shows/documentaries about how autistic children see music as a language which can be played so simply to them as if talking, probably a mutation in thier brain which makes them see music as thier language?
Originally Posted by Metal-X
No.. you see when one person stays on UG for to long, then they tend to lose there minds to the Pit monkeys. And well..... just watch for yourself

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He probably had some kind of autism to be able to play like that without really practising.

Very strange, but an awesome thing you did there dude.

Three kudos to you.
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wow thats an amazing thing you did. good job man
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fully retractable
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that's really awesome, what you did. not many people go out of their way to help others, even something as easy as getting a kid his first guitar. it's too easy to pass judgment and overlook people who are "challenged."

a friend of mine from elementary school has cerebral palsy. luckily, he has very supportive friends and family who don't give a shit if he can't walk or write straight. he's one of the most talented writers I know, and he never let being physically challenged get in the way of that.
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Steve The Plank
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You get the Plank award. Which is a good thing
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Bas Rutten reigns
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good for you, man.
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Soul Power
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I really want to shake your hand right now.
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Soul Power
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dude you rock I wish I could of been there
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that was extremely nice of you. It warms my heart knowing how some people still care.

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that soccer kid
so there's this kid and,
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god damn you must feel good. well, i have a freind named ferris, and he is amazing at drums, he's 75% blind and a little deaf. i dont think he has a mental problem though.

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You can never fucking trust Canada when Canada decides to report on world news that doesn't concern Canada. Canada is only in it for Canada's sake. Canada doesn't even know Batman.

Fuck Canada
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UGs amateur gynaecologist
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well done
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So hood rich
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Nice man. People need to do more stuff like this.
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