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Originally Posted by ChemicalFire
Yeah I was never a massive Slayer fan, in fact I found them boring.

But they were kind of an important band, I at least respected them.

RIP Jeff.

Pretty much same here, I found out through other people on the facebooks; just thought people here would probably like to know sooner rather than later. It could be weeks before it makes it to the UG news page!
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I did also seem the live once or twice.

The only time I could say I enjoyed Slayer was in a field in Germany, with beer, at night.
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Originally Posted by DisarmGoliath
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rip you great great man!
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Can't believe Jeff died, 49 is still young. You will be truly missed RIP Hanneman
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Really sucks about Jeff, I'm mainly confused as to how it can happen so suddenly? It might have been his meds? Or something to do with the spider bite he got? But man

They were the band that got me into heavier music and got me into trying classic death metal, they're thrash but the heavy side got me into bands like Venom, Morbid Angel, Death and others and he was the more creative and melodic side of Slayer :\
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RIP Jeff Hanneman
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Wow... disapointing news... Great guitarist. I'm not the biggest fan of slayer but I do respect them a lot.
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RIP Jeff. I was pretty shocked to hear of his passing, I didn't even know he was ill.
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To the above poster... he died of liver failure apparently, unrelated to the spider bite. Fucking hell... legend! RIP
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Seriously shocking. Reign in Blood was the first metal record I ever bought, so this is pretty insane.
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Pretty bummed out now.

Jeff Hanneman was one of the guys who inspired me to start playing guitar. I moved away from Slayer as I got older, but I still love the stuff they did from 1986-1990 (Reign in Blood to Seasons in the Abyss)

R.I.P. Jeff. You'll be missed.
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Born Headless
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Damn, what shit news. One of the few bands that was a stepping stone for me that I still thoroughly enjoy. Thanks for the great tunes. Rest in peace.
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Hoodoo Man
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RIP Jeff

Hell Awaits is one of Metal's crowning glories.
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May he shred forever
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I haven't been on here in ages, but I thought I would come on here just to say something rather than just "RIP"...

Jeff Hanneman was one of the few musicians that really inspired me to get into more extreme music. In terms of metal I suppose I am mostly into death metal now, if anything, but it all started with bands like Slayer. I remember the first time I borrowed Reign In Blood from a guy in a band I was in at the time, and it was one of those massively eye opening moments that was less "OMG dude thiz iz AWESOOOOOOME" and more personal intrigue; the music fascinated me.

It was a little while after that that I learned that it was not the much feted Kerry King who wrote most of the music, but Jeff. I didn't know that ALL the big songs, all of them, were written by him.

There is no way that I am the diehard metalhead that I once was, but the part of me that still is and always will be, is down to Jeff Hanneman and the music he wrote with Slayer.

RIP Jeff Hanneman

Hell Awaits \m/
'Thine Eyes Bleed':

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Most of us just “attend” to things, like jobs and families, and hope for the best. The giants among us are driven onward by some belief in something larger than themselves or than the social group at large. They are animated by ideas.

For Jeff Hanneman, the idea was both musical and a vision of what that music should represent. He peered into the dystopia of modern times with one eye in the anarchistic zone of the punks, and the other in the swords ‘n’ sorcery vision of a metalhead. When he put the two together, he came up with something that makes Blade Runner and Neuromancer seem gentle.

Read more of... Slayer
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Jeff was a true legend and needed not to die to get some attention. Blast some South of Heaven as I did for his memory! Chaos reigning...
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On Jeff Hanneman:

His contributions to the world of Metal can't be denied and won't be forgotten.

I'm not the biggest fan of Slayer, but their classic songs (most written by Hanneman!) served as a gateway into extreme metal. I found other thrash bands that appealed more to me. Having said that, Slayer always delivered live and deserved the spot of being one of the giants in Metal at large. Everyone knows about the band whether they want to or not. For metal other than Metallica and Iron Maiden, that's saying something!

I will miss seeing Jeff on stage. You see nothing but a jersey, long hair, and a heineken guitar . He was also the cooler of the two guitarists - I much preferred his reclusiveness over Kerry King being such an edgy loudmouth.

So while I'm not that much into Slayer myself, I recognize their importance and role as pioneers in the world of extreme music.

And much of it was thanks to Hanneman. I have paid my personal tribute by blasting Chemical Warfare in honor of him and the legacy he left behind.

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Originally Posted by Ozzy87_2
Jeff was a true legend and needed not to die to get some attention. Blast some South of Heaven as I did for his memory! Chaos reigning...

Agreed on both counts. Jeff was probably the most important and creative member of the band and South of Heaven was their magnum opus. Hell Awaits is another appropriate choice given its impact on the formation of Death Metal.

This is one of those deaths, similar to Dio, that has actually gotten to me a bit.
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Jeffs death is the first death since Dime's that really hit close to home. RIP JEFF! Your influence is undeniable to me and countless of others.
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