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the best advice ive received is from this guitar book i bought. it said you should feel totally relaxed while playing and if anything feels stressed then you are probably doing it wrong
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1. Don't Concentrate on playing fast. Concentrate on playing it right, cleanly. Speed will come with practice.

2. If you feel any bit tense in the arm while playing, you are playing too fast for what you can handle. Slow Down and practice, practice, practice

3 Once you can play a song, learn to play it 20bpm faster, so when you play it at regular speed, it's easier.

4. The 80/20 Rule
* 80% of your practice time brings you only about 20% of your total progress.
* 20% of your practice time brings you only about 80% of your total progress.
- Pareto's Principle
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^Yay, a Calgarian!

Anyways, this was my first day of guitar lessons:

Instructor: What can you play?

Me: Chords, and... that's just about it.

Instructor: Okay... Well, do you know the song Crazy Train by Ozzy?

Me: Yeah.

Instructor: *tabs down the song* Here's the song, now learn to play it. Start off slow and get the fingering down, and then we'll work it towards normal speed.

My guitar skills seriously improved since that night. So basically, challenge yourself. Go play something that you can't play, learn it slowly, then work it to normal speed.
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I've noticed that I get better faster when I challenge myself, rather than practicing easier songs. Also, I (at least feel like I) play better when I take a day off after practicing every day for awhile.
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Pretty good.
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Use your pinky to fret.
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I played stairway to heaven with my thumb and my index. I was taught to use my fingers.. best lesson at the time
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Learning theory. Also, that songs don't have to be played exactly- you can mess around and such- have fun with it.
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Something so simple its often overlooked...make sure you are holding the pick right. I played my first 4 months holding it wrong, then took about a week to adjust to holding it the right way after I found out, and that was probably the single biggest thing that helped me.
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Playing guitar is not rocket science.

There are 12 notes so 8 are always in key, so it really doesnt matter what string or fret you are on there is a 70% probability that you are in key.

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don't just practise for 3 hours for one day a week, spread it out over the whole week
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huuur huuuuur hurrrr
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keep your fingers near the fretboard and teacher told me to change my picking technique. improved my alternate picking and speed.
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Sweep with your arm, not your wrist.

Really helped me clean up my sweeps

Didn't improve my playing but

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If a girl isn't impressed by a well-played metal song but is impressed by a few power-chords then it's easy to get "there"

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Originally Posted by JW123
Playing guitar is not rocket science.

There are 12 notes so 8 are always in key, so it really doesnt matter what string or fret you are on there is a 70% probability that you are in key.

A wink is as good as a nod to a blind man.

And the other 30% are just "blues notes" lol thats a good philosophy right there.
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Best advice I got was take lessons from a real pro teacher. Someone who has an educational background in music theory for guitar.

You've got to get someone pushing you to practice and exercise techniques and things you wouldn't ordinarily play in your free time.

The most benficial practice is usually the "ugly" stuff. Learning Basic chord, key, scale, and mode-family theory will dramatically improve your playing...... not necesarily your ability to read tab or anything.

If it's playing other people's stuff your after then hours and hours in the answer. To learn how to write and improvise and function harmonically with 2 guitarists then lessons is the way to go.
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download/buy material of the pioneers of guitar, evh, hendrix and just listen to music and prac prac prac
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errrm for me, learning with someone who wants to learn as well? i started playing and inspired by my ex which helped lots as she taught me a lot of things...

now im learning with my latest gf whos also learning which helps. I enjoy hanging out with the person who im learning with and it means im in a good mood, relaxed and not to hasty...
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Just play the guitar when you feel like it. Dont turn playing your guitar into a chore.

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I teach guitar. If you live in the Chelmsford area and need a teacher : www.liveguitartuition.co.uk
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That was very interesting.

Lately I've been practising quite hard and feeling little progress. However, I've been pleasantly surprised how sometimes pieces of the puzzle fit together. As someone who's had no musical training that's been quite a confusing forest to traverse.
The best guitar lesson site: http://www.justinguitar.com/

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Practice in total darkness. 2 years of it made a tremendous difference for me.

Try to copy sax solos. (this one from an article quoting Ritchie Blackmore) Most sax solos are within the range of guitar and incredibly smooth, at least compared to an intermediate guitar player. Sax players are also usually more melodic.

Never be intimidated or afraid to play with someone better than you. You'll have to work at it and you'll learn something every time.

It's been said already, SLOW DOWN. Speed will come with practice and experience. Learn slow then speed up.

No distractions... No TV, no girlfriend, nobody talking on the phone, nobody trying to talk to you. You, your guitar and a quiet room. If people are constantly talking to you or otherwise distracting you, you just wasted an hour of practice time. Your friends, wife, girlfriend and family must try to understand, this is practice and you need to be able to concentrate and pay attention to what you're doing, not listen to them. You're also not there to play whatever they want to hear, you're practicing. Practice in a room by yourself or get them to leave you alone so you can focus.
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