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Originally Posted by Paleo Pete
No distractions... No TV, no girlfriend, nobody talking on the phone, nobody trying to talk to you. You, your guitar and a quiet room. If people are constantly talking to you or otherwise distracting you, you just wasted an hour of practice time. Your friends, wife, girlfriend and family must try to understand, this is practice and you need to be able to concentrate and pay attention to what you're doing, not listen to them. You're also not there to play whatever they want to hear, you're practicing. Practice in a room by yourself or get them to leave you alone so you can focus.

This is often overlooked, but it's excellent advice.
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Originally Posted by rocking bassist
Four fingers, four frets.

That is word for word the best advice I got as well. It's all about efficiency.
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"Practice slow." So easy... but it opened my eyes. Ha.
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1.Like anything in life you will only get out of it what you are willing to put into it.

2.Always approach the guitar with the mind of a beginner. There is always going to be something you can learn to be a more complete musican.

3.Play with your ears not your eyes.

4.Learn the neck. Take the time to know where all the notes on the neck are. You will only be helping yourself and the others you will be playing with.

5. Worry about being the best player you can be and not about being better then someone else.
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blah blah blah
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Some theory I have is that it is entirely possible to learn any song you want, it all just depends on how much time and effort you're willing to put into learning it.
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i often listen to other artists i love (john butler excellent!!!) and listen to how they play and rather than learning the song they play, i use it to inspire me to write my own music
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Really, seriously relax. Ever since I've actually put a little bit of thought into how much tension is in my arms, my playing has improved tenfold.
Originally Posted by dudetheman
So what? I wasted like 5 minutes watching DaddyTwoFoot's avatar.

Metalheads are the worst thing that ever happened to metal.
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You don't have to prove anything.
Originally Posted by mIRC
* Nobody likes WootSticks
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competition is good. when a friend of mine is better than me, i practice hard till i get better than him, then i keep practicing trying to get as good as someone like marty friedman, which works quite well cause it would take a long time to get as good as that, so i consider that competition
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hey kids
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Originally Posted by fadetowhite
competition is good. when a friend of mine is better than me, i practice hard till i get better than him, then i keep practicing trying to get as good as someone like marty friedman, which works quite well cause it would take a long time to get as good as that, so i consider that competition

how do you know when you're better than your friend? He wont admit when that time comes, lol
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Play around people better you than, watch, listen and learn
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how is your life today?
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1. Practice
2. Play along with songs (my own personal way of learning and good for improvising)
3. don't think when playing, just do it
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Originally Posted by XianXiuHong
If a girl isn't impressed by a well-played metal song but is impressed by a few power-chords then she isn't the one for you

If a girl isn't impressed by a well-played metal song but is impressed by a few power-chords then she probably had a penis
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teenage agnst brigade
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My uncle told me that its the picking dynamics and the way you hit notes (slide into them, vibrato, slight bends etc) makes the difference between men and boys in the guitar world. Its the greatest piece of advice i've ever recieved.
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Don't just play scales and chords and stuff, play songs that you like as well. It made me want to carry on playing guitar, and it stops you from getting bored.
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human panda
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Don`t get your hopes up........
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Originally Posted by HumBucker666
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Originally Posted by GrEgUms1991
I have a small penis if that counts?

^ some pretty awesome sh!t ( click )

Europeans Unite!
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Shredding is over rated.

As soon as someone told me that I saw the light. I mean obviously it's another style of playing but once someone told me that I realised I could be considered a good guitarist by being interesting. That's why I use odd chord shapes and worship Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
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Originally Posted by human panda
Don`t get your hopes up........

lol (almost) that's a good one.
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