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Should the new string sound tinny when you first put a new one in?
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Originally posted by Darkel
Question. Why should you cut off the string? I just slacken it off with the tuning knobs, and then poke it through the back.

you dont have to, if you leave it long, it could poke someones eye out ...

but i cut mine so it looks neat. I leave about 1-1.5cm left.
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This months guitar world has a special about replacing strings.
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I got my guitar for christmas and the first thing i did was change the strings cuz they were crap and when i was done i was playing it and it sounded weird so i re tuned it then it still sounded weird........after about a week i realized that i mixed up the b and e string

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Humm after changing my strings the 4th, 5th and 6th strings make somewhat of a buzzing noise when played, even tho they are in tune. And that noise happens even when I don't have it plugged in, so it has nothing to do with amp settings. Any ideas on how to cut that noise out? Cause it really makes it impossible to play.
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i dont get the floyd rose one..help? via pm please)
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CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME OUT? I have a vester guitar that has a floyd rose bridge. When i tried to restring it for the first time one of my springs that held the bridge on came loose. I put it back, but ever since then i cant get it to restring correctly. The bridge gets too high and the whammie bar is rendered useless because the bridge is too tight. How do i fix it?
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Gadget: are your new strings thicker than they normally are? If so, it could be them hitting off frets. If not, then looks like you got action problems, and don't ask me how to sort them out...
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i have a question.....t doesn't effect my playing it just looks kinda dumb...

on my floyd rose i use .10 gauge d'addario stings and tune down to Eb but the tremelo system pulls up like its in a mini dive bomb position.....i can still dive bomb but its in that pposition......oh, and by the way i have three springs in the back of my guitar if that matters

Originally posted by Darklights
Are you kidding? Of course I've cranked my massive 10 watt drive amp, and if I listen real hard from 15 feet away I can still hear it.
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I've only ever changed strings once... it was such a bitch. That was a long time ago so I've now since forgotten. Ergh.

This is great help though, I'll be sure to read this through more thoroughly when I can be arsed changing my strings.
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i suck at this.. i already broke 2 strings lol
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im a newbie, proud newbie

Strat, squier
i was watchin the dvd to learn how to tune the guitar
and while playin "tzinngggg", i found the string flyin, now i dnt know how to put it where it was.

so as this thread says...i insert the string from the back in that white plastic thingie and it comes out from the other side (front)...but i keep on pullin it, and the end of the string comes out from the front
and i insert it again from the back...and it comes out, all of it from the front

now what? why it's not fixed inside? wt shld i do? is there anythin missin?
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i think string changing is quite easy for me, and i learned on my own. But i guess it takes me longer to do other things than it does for others to do that particular task quickly. Does that make sense?
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chnging strings is fun to me
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okay i have a string through body style guitar (omen 6). i need someone to tell me if this is right.

to take out string unwind it all the way and slowly pull it out the the body.

get a new string stretch it out a bit pull it through body place on the bridge. pull it up to the top of neck put it in the string placement thing at the top of the neck. This is the part that gets me do i pull it through the tuning peg first and then start wrapping it or do i start wrapping a bit and pull it through a bit after? Thanks
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I have a Floyd Rose and it's not that hard to change strings on it. I changed them yesterday actually, only took me like an hour.
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so im a relative noob at changing strings... did it for the first time on my strat copy today. it has a normal tremolo system. my problem is this: when i get the low E in tune, the tremolo lifts up a little cuz the string is too tight. but if i loosen it, its not in tune... what do i do?
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Originally posted by stargzr50
so im a relative noob at changing strings... did it for the first time on my strat copy today. it has a normal tremolo system. my problem is this: when i get the low E in tune, the tremolo lifts up a little cuz the string is too tight. but if i loosen it, its not in tune... what do i do?

Yeah i got exactly the same problem.
my Ibanez's bridge has ever since i changed all the strings no permanent position anymore.
It changes while tuning and it does change as well overe night.
Tried to set it to one position and then tune the strings but that doesnt work.

Its quite frustrating.
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D'Addorio strings or sumthin r good... sorry.. im a newbie

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Hey guys....I thought I'd clarify a few things on here. Changing strings can be and is often one of the most frustrating facets of maintaining your guitar's health.

First of all, a lot of people ask me how often you should change them, and what strings to use, etc. There are many factors that go into this and I'll briefly explain them. These are in no particular order.

1) This is only an approximation, but if you play daily for 1-2 hours, I would change the strings at least twice a month. For those who play less, monthly or every 6 weeks should be good. For those who barely play at all, strings can last a very long time, especially for those who play acoustic. Acoustic strings are usually made from bronze, and the material is much more resilient than nickel, which comprises most electric strings. Acoustic strings are also much thicker, and are less susceptible to string erosion as electrics are.

2) Wash your hands before you play! You wouldn't believe what oil and dirt from your skin can do to your string life. Always wash your hands with basic soap and water and you'll be shocked at how much longer the strings will last.

3) Buy strings that accommodate your style. I personally play alternative/modern rock. A lot of the songs that I play are tuned in very low keys, so I buy strings that accent the added slack from tuning lower.

My personal recommendation? For standard tuning, dropped-D and 1/2 step down, check out the Ernie Ball Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom set. I use these on a Gibson SG, and in my opinion, they are the best strings money can buy. They have a terrific tone and they last FOREVER. The gauges (from low E to high E) are: 52, 42, 30, 17, 13, and 10. I have used these strings for a very long time now and I haven't found one other brand/type of set that I've been more satisfied with than these.

For tuning really low (Db or lower), check out Ernie Ball's Beefy Slinky set. They are THICK! They just started selling these pretty recently, and I have been very happy with not only the lifespan, but the tone improvement! I utilize these on a Gibson Les Paul tuned down a 1/2 step and dropped-D (so the low E is Db) and the tone is remarkable. The gauges for these are (from low to high again): 54, 42, 30, 22p (meaning plain, not wound), 15, and 11.

4) As mentioned already in the initial post, you should only change one string at a time. Not only is this more convenient, but the neck on your guitar will love you for it. The strings put a tremendous amount of tension on the wood of the neck, and removing all of that tension at once is very harmful for the truss rod and the action. Changing one string at a time is much easier for the guitar, and you will find that it will adjust much easier to different string gauges, if you try different sizes.

5) Tune your guitar PRIOR to changing the strings. This makes it easier to tune the new strings when you wind them up. If you change only one at a time, you can use the traditional tuning method to tune whatever string you changed to the one either above or below it, and then use an electronic tuner to get it exact.

6) Stretch your strings! This is a tad difficult for beginners, as often you will stretch too hard and break your newly wound string. The key of stretching is removing slack from not only the tuning heads, but also the bridge. Slowly grasp the string between the 3rd and 12th fret and gently (GENTLY) tug the string in both directions (toward you and away). Tune back up to the correct pitch and then let your guitar sit for about 20 - 30 minutes. After letting it sit, stretch them again, tune back up appropriately and play! Stretch them often--you will notice instantly that they last longer and retain tone.

7) Winding them correctly around the tuning pegs is key. If you have a headstock that has all of the keys on the top of your neck, you need to wind them so that they rise in pitch in a counterclockwise fashion. If your keys are located on the bottom of the headstock, you need to tune clockwise. For Gibson style necks (Paul Reed Smith, Hamer, etc.), you need to tune the E, A and D counterclockwise and the G, B and high E clockwise.

I hope this helps! E-mail me at tbird@exosonicmusic.com if you want some individual help!

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