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Hey everyone!
My name is Alya, I'm 15 old gurl from Latvia.
I've only been playing guitar for 2 months. Still realise that I'm not good enough in it haha

I want to make new friends here, so write me- I will answer
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Howdy Y'all. xD

I'm a 13 year old future singer-songwriter and musician from Toronto, Canada and I've been playing guitar for a year, I've learned all by myself using YouTube and other various internet sources. I've learned up to the basic pentatonic scales and some extended scales but I'm not quite sure yet what do with them. I have huge dreams and I keep planning my future for what new equipment I should get, I'm planning on asking my dad to give me a new Fender BlackTop Telecaster for my birthday. I listen to a wide variety of music, mostly punk and its various forms, alternative, garage rock, melodic rock, hard rock, metal, blues rock, and a bit of grunge. My biggest influence would have to be Green Day. Not necessarily the guitar playing, but the people they are, they've taught me to believe in what I think is right and taught me to be my own unique person with their songs. They've also influenced the way I write my lyrics in my song and have helped me become a better writer. Other bands I like are Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, The Offspring, Muse, Linkin Park, AC/DC, Billy Talent, The Ramones, Foo Fighters/Nirvana, Avenged Sevenfold, Blink-182, Metallica, The Clash, Misfits, and some other pop punk, punk, and hard rock bands. I'm pretty sure there will be more bands added to this list later on. Angus Young and Jimmy Hendrix are a few of my favourite guitarists. The music I plan on making is also along the lines of Punk, Pop Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock and Hard Rock--I don't want to be limited to one genre. Playing guitar and getting into rock music has really changed me as a person, I've gone from a person who tried to fit in with others around me into a person that is his own person. Before I started getting into rock music, I was a fan of Michael Jackson, that was pretty much the only thing I was fan of. I eventually got bored and decided to start listening to what others listened to, until my friend asked me to join his rock band and I started to learn guitar and he introduced to me Green Day. We never did anything in his band but I started to get into Green Day and started getting better and better. I owe thanks to Marty Schwartz for teaching me the absolute beginner basics of guitar teaching me the first chords and they've come along way for me. The rest of the puzzle just fell into place, I knew what I wanted to be, and I'm still planning it all out. I'm learning so much. I'm learning not only about playing guitar but also about recording and audio and video production along the way and all this stuff that you don't expect an average 13 year old boy to want to learn about. I plan on getting famous through YouTube by doing covers and originals and add a little bit of me in all of them. I am just a kid with big dreams and I hope you learned something from me in this little bio.
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Hello everyone! My name's Adrian, I'm twenty years old and I play electric guitar for about 4 years. Sometimes I will upload some tabs on this website (most tabs will be doom metal, since it's my favourite genre along with black and melodic death metal)! I don't consider myself great, when it comes to play guitar, I'm far from perfect, but I'm learning something new every day (I've made my first steps in composing my own songs some time ago, maybe I'll post some of my riffs on my account). If anyone here is interested in doom metal (mostly bands like Swallow The Sun, Slumber, Evoken) feel free to message me, it would be nice to talk with someone with similiar musical taste
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hello all
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roberto dumas
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Hi..Im a new member! ... I love electric guitar..! its my life...!

thxs in advanced
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Hello everyone! My name is JD and I am a Anthropology student at a University in Southern California that has a interest in learning guitar and about why people play the instruments they do. I have played Electric guitar/bass and Acoustic guitar on and off since 9th grade and have had a developing interest as I've gotten older. I'm basically creating this account to get back into the mix of learning guitar and music theory as well as to try to interview some willing participants on why they play the certain instruments the do to the certain types of music you play and why. If you'd be interested please feel free to message me!! Thanks for reading
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peter taft
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Hi one and all. I am Pete, living in Nottingham (U.K) Have been in a few bands but many years ago {late 70's} have been away from guitar for a l o n g while due to lack of funds. Just recently i was given {well loaned} a guitar and practice combo (delighted to say the least ) i can't get to grips with it yet, got a really bad shoulder pain making the top end almost a no go area, but hope that improves soon. I am not really a lead guitarist, i am a wanna be lead guitarist, just need to get some speed down on the frets, hope that happens. At 53 years of age, i am still living for music and get the buzz for playing stuff. Mainly into HM/Glam rock/Soft rock. Favourite guitar Gibson SG {used to own one, but not now} The loaned guitar is a Fender Telecaster and a Marshall 20 watt practice combo. I quite like the combo, the input for cd or as i am doing pc is a great idea, saves having to set something else up to play along with.... just plug the laptop in and away i go. The sound is quite good. The guitar isn't what i would like to play on, but it's better than nothing. I am hoping to get an SG, it will be a copy, but i love the look of these and the sound is much more me. I am an AC/DC nut, also from the past Slade. Well that's me. Great to be here, the site is brilliant, thanks for having me.

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New member here.
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Played piano as a kid, and now playing drums in a band in Suffolk (UK) but have always wanted to play guitar. Tried years ago and couldn't get into it at all.

Bought my first guitar (10 special from eBay) and am hooked. Just received my new guitar (Fender Squire acoustic) and am now borderline addicted.

Loving it, but please tell me, is it normal for my left hand's fingers to hurt all the time. the callouses are developing nicely, but it still hurts if I play for more than 40 minutes or so.

Anyway, got the android app, and am now using the website as well.

Thanks folks, great website.
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Just popped my cherry, so I thought an intro is warranted. I'm Ken, from Warren, MI. I'm 48, disabled, with WAY too much time on my hands, so I figured I'll try to learn bass & guitar as a "hobby". I'm so a NooB at this, but, hey, we all started somewhere, right?
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Dunno why I'm writing this since no-one's going to read it, but OH WELL.
I'm a 20-year-old CompSci student: Londoner studying in St Andrews. I got a Strat Pack about eight years ago but only started playing semi-regularly four years ago. Unfortunately, 'playing semi-regularly' here means 'noodling around aimlessly', so I thought about my short- and long-term guitar goals and wrote myself a practice schedule for this week. Three days in, I'm finding myself upping the time I practice for every day because I feel like there's so much interesting stuff to work on - and I keep coming up with some great insights and ideas!

I've played the violin for 15 years and used to study that and the clarinet at a specialist Saturday music school before university, so I've always had a lot of music in my life. My heart tells me that that's what I want to do (only realised this recently - bit of a waste of a CS degree...), so I really need to get practicing! :P Hopefully I'll learn something from these forums.

I still haven't upgraded from my Strat Pack - don't even have a distortion pedal, which is a bit of a problem if you're as extreme a metalhead as me XD I do, however, since my amp is a bother to take on a six-hour journey, have a little Vox Amplug Metal headphone amp which does a decent job and is well worth 30. I feel like I should improve more before I upgrade and then get something pretty nice. I dunno. I'm a cheapskate, even for a student. XD

Oh, yeah, if you want anything tabbed out, you're welcome to hit me up (perfect pitch makes it pretty easy :P)

Originally Posted by Shawtarce
is it normal for my left hand's fingers to hurt all the time. the callouses are developing nicely, but it still hurts if I play for more than 40 minutes or so.

As long as it's just from the strings cutting into your fingers, it's probably fine*.

*MACROSOLUTIONS takes no responsibility for illness and/or death resulting from following her advice
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Hello there ! I'm a 19 yo french living in Paris and since i'm using ultimate guitar tab i figured out "hey, i'm gonna subscribe !"
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Hey I'm new to the guitar tab app and have a question - we r able to add to favourites but when we go to pick from favourites the screen doesn't scroll and we can only c a few of our selections. Any ideas why?
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Uh, hey guys! I've been playing guitar for two and a half years, I've never had anyone to instruct me though, not sure if i'm any good for how long i've been playing haha. I've been using UG basically since I learned my fourth chord, but I just now signed up! So... yeah. Rock on!
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Hi thereeeeeeeee! =))
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I'm having a very hard time uploading wolfmother's 'cosmic egg' in the acoustic version. I'm new and haven't had the chance to really explore the website, but I'm wondering if this is normal. I've only managed to get to work once in about 10 tries.
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Hello world.
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Don't mind me, I'm trying to figure out how to embed

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not so cowardly
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[/url] tags
But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
and all you can do is just wait by the moon
and bleed if it's what she says you ought to do
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I'm not gonna post pics of my hot mom.
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