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Rumah Sakit
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Comus- First Utterance

Easily one of the most original records I have heard in a long time. A pretty progressive record with a lot of acid folk mix in, flute, violin, beautiful female voice, munchkin like male voice(although they grow on you).

I heard they were really underground in England back in 1971 when this came out, and I can certianly see why, but that should also be all the more reason to get ahold of this.

'Song for Comus' is a great download to get you started.
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falling with style
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I've heard a couple of their songs on youtube, and i think "the bite" is just amazing. I wish i could find this album for download though cause the cd is like 60$ on amazon.

Yeah i know I'm a late responding, but people always say to use the searchbar and i was about to post a thread on these guys.
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For the Motherland
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Wow, I'm surprised that someone else knows about this band. They're great. Diana is a fantastic song.
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Great album. The Herald is gorgeous, but Diana creeps me out
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Very cool band. It's a shame that their follow up record is so poor.
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I can't tell you just how long I've wanted this album for, years and years, but it's kind of reached that stage where I've been waiting so long that I feel I can always wait another few months. Drives me mad. Have heard constantly that it's amazing though.
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Thanks for bringing up this album; I'd never heard of it before, so I checked it out this week. Certainly some good ideas in there, and some pleasant surprises.
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Originally Posted by Andrewbiles
I can't tell you just how long I've wanted this album for, years and years, but it's kind of reached that stage where I've been waiting so long that I feel I can always wait another few months. Drives me mad. Have heard constantly that it's amazing though.

This is such a fantastic album. You need to get it immediately. Beg, borrow, steal, or download, give it a listen or a hundred. The songs never get boring, and they're all amazing.

Song To Comus is very epic.
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I just acquired First Utterance and have fallen madly in love with it. This band deserves much more attention.
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bump. First Utterance is amazing -- Herald is mesmerizing , Drip Drip is creepily amazing

found them via reading who influenced Opeth and Steven Wilson for Storm Corrosion

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