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The super almighty discuss your rig thread!

Well hey everybody and welcome to the discuss your rig thread! This is not supposed to be a thread to rate your gear, just trying to be a show off or so. But this is just a thread for general rig discussing, for an example, you can talk about your current rig (feel free to post what you have though!) and your plans for the near future or far away or so. List mods and stuff you've done or about to do or so!)

My rig (if any of you wouldn't know it by now, which I doubt, but hey here it is)
1998 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Pickups replaced with Bareknuckle Mules (Alnico IVs, unpotted). Also a very unusaual model, since it has dot inlays (serial checked, it's legit, also all parts were Gibson, so it's no copy), while Gibson stopped making dot inlays at the start of the 90's.

1980's Japan Fender Stratocaster (belongs to my dad). Has been shielded and has got a new switch. Stock pickups, which might be replaced further down the road.

Possible buys: My dad wants an acoustic, he found his dream, a Fender Sonoran. Plays good, but looks great:

We also want to get some P90 guitar.

Brown Note 18watt Lite IIb: Kit I've built. Like it alot, will however add a power scale to it (have all the parts and stuff). The cab is a small 1x12 cab cinverted from an old amp, with a Celestion G12H30. It also has a NOS '65 Mullard in V1 and a NOS EL84.

Orange Rocker 30: My baby, great amp. has an Eminence Red Fang in it.

My upcoming plans are a new build. It would be an 18watt Hiwatt of sorts! This is not for some time though

Fulltone OCD: Very good pedal. I like it alot, nowadays I use it as a solo boost for my amps.

Affectronix Brit Master: #1 of #2 built by Kerry here on UG. He no longer does any pedals and has become and emo of sorts, but this is a special pedal he designed for me. It's basically a Rangemaster but with a full/treble switch and silicon and germanium transistors. Is about to be sold to the other guiatrist of my band.

Vox V847 wah wah: Modded by me, I don't use a lot nowadays tbh, but I'm goign to replace the inductor and stuff and then I'll use it a lot.

Visual Sound H2O: Great chorus and delay. The delay is broken though, so I'll see what I can do. Might replace the delay with something else, since I barely use delay.

Russian Big Muff: Another pedal that's collecting dust, so it's to be sold to a friend now. Very good fuzz though.

Upcoming pedal plans is one which is abotu to be soon, a Fulltone Fulldrive II Mosfet, which I will get from the US with help form no other than our own Slatsmania, who will send it to me form the US! Thanks lots for that dudes!

That covers my rig more or less!
Originally Posted by stratman_13
It's okay Gabel. You kick ass.

18watter video demo

My band

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My problem with the Sonoran is the stupid bloody headstock
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Nice thread

My rig is rather humble

Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Studio, completely stock. Sounds great that way IMO. Wine Red, Chrome h/w. Definitely my favourite guitar.

For more metal/shred work, I have a Jackson DK2M, also stock. I am however considering switching the pickups, as the JB in the bridge sounds gash. But for the price, I can't fault it.

My main acoustic used to be a Fender FR50 resonator, but it has recently been diagnosed with a twist in the neck, near the joint to the body. Unfortunate, as without epic high action, the 13th fret on all strings becomes dead. So for that reason, it's now permanently set up with a nice high action in open D, for slide.

I recently purchased a cheap Wesley electro acoustic off of ebay, for £57 delivered. Apart from a fairly poor fretjob (which is to be expected at this pricerange really), it arrived nicely set up and even in tune! Sounds great. I still miss the twang and jangle of a resonator though, but this has become my main acoustic for now.

I do have more guitars, but they're scarcely used

Amp is a new Sound City MK6 head, running into a 1x12 marshall cab with a G12-75T. I sold a DSL401 for this, and IMO, its everything the JCM2000 should have been. Versatile, simple, can do high gain tones, but it still retains that British growl, and doesn't collapse into fizz and mush like the 401.

I've also got a valve junior head, which is great for vintage tones on a budget

Pedalboard: Rather simple set up, Guitar > Morely Bad Horsie > Boss SD1 > zvex fuzz factory. And of course, the footswitch for the amp.

I use the footswitch for channels and reverb, the SD-1 is set for a clean boost, and the Fuzz Factory for really OTT 'wall of sound' tones. Simple, but it works for me.

And that's pretty much my rig.

New tracks on my profile! Please check them out and see what you think!
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Good thread! Its like a big signature!

My main amp is a Bogner Uberschall, 120w head, EL34 tubes, very dark and very aggressive, its perfect for what I play, it cuts through (an admittedly VERY loud band situation) brilliantly, its got more low end than you will ever need and it has such a rich, beautiful tone! I recorded with it last wednesday, it sounded frightening! I have a mesa single rectifier as well, that was my main amp before the Uberschall, im selling it now though, oh I use a Mesa standard 4x12 with V30s for my cab. We are headlining sunday which will be my first time to give the Uberschall a full run for its money, I can see it performing fantastically though!

Guitars, my main is an Ibanez S Prestige, 2075FW, sunburst poplar top, very nice guitar, its all stock for the moment, although I just purchased some bareknuckle nailbombs, im stil trying to figure out which guitar to stick them in though. Ive got an Ibanez rg350 too for a backup, not as bad as people say, very comfortable, but yeah, cheap hardware, its a bit of a beater! Im looking to get a Caparison this month, either a Dellinger or a TAT, im not sure yet!

Pedals are pretty simple, ISP decimator is indispensable, tuner pedal just in case, keeley modded 4x2 tubescreamer (mod+ and baked mod), dimebag from hell wah and DD6 delay, I have a couple of electro-harmonix but I may sell them (holy grail, small clone, holy stain), I dont use them much!

Thats it, a top quality gigging rig!
Diezel, Motherfucker
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I have a simple rig.. at the moment. I've got an extensive wish list.

My main guitar is an Ibanez Artcore AS73. It looks, plays, and sounds like an ES-335 . It's matte black with white binding and chrome hardware. The stock pickups are great, but I think I'm going to get a set of Rock Monkey pickups next time I have a couple hundred dollars. My backup is a cheap Ibanez GiO that I'm probably going to overhaul and put in new pickups, tuners, etc as well as set it up for Eb tuning. And someday I want a nice tele.

My amp is a Peavey Classic 50 212. I love it. A lot. It's got 4 EL84s and 3 12AX7 tubes, and it acts like a Fender Bassman (which it was modeled after) with more gain. And did I mention it was tweed? My favorite part is that I got it used for $350 . I seriously don't think I'm going to need another amp.
Amp edit: I recently discovered that the former owner of my amp replaced the original Blue Marvel speakers with a pair of Celstion G12L's. From the reviews I read online I guess they're like a greenback. And they have really low headroom, so I get good clean breakup at lower volumes than one would expect.

I'm saving up for pedals at the moment. First on my list is probably a Boss ME-50. But I also want a ZVex Fuzz Probe, a Line 6 Filter Modeler, and a Boss DD-6.


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tiny fractures - emo/screamo
ember wreath - ambient/drone

electronic audio experiments - hand assembled effects and amplifiers

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I run an RG7621 modded to ****ing hell through an ISP Decimator into an ENGL Powerball, then through a homemade 412. Its so ****ing huge. My 7621 is the fixed bridge version. Its got to EMG 707's but Im considering switching them out for Dimarzios. I also build a custom pickguard for it out of finished hardwood. The ENGL has assloads of gain and does the job in a death metal band just right. Im getting a VHT 412 in the next 2 or three weeks though so once I get that, and probably another RG 7 my rig will be complete.
Originally Posted by tarlkea
When I say offensive I mean offensive like dressing up as superman in a wheel chair offensive, not penis suit offensive.
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Originally Posted by Inspired_by_Vai
doesn't collapse into fizz and mush like the 401.

Ha, having owned my 401 for a while now and having had to milk everything out of it, I discovered a few tricks to make it sound not like crap.

-Take out the reverb tank, and the reverb knob becomes a presence knob
-Swap out the power tubes for something not EI, like JJs.
-Run the master volume at full and use channel volume to control level
-Roll off the highs ever so slightly at your guitar and up the treble to avoid high end fuzz
-Swap out the crap speaker (haven't gotten around to this one yet xD)

And now it sounds excellent... well, as good as it'll ever for having put $450 into it.

But my rig consists of:

Steinberger GU Deluxe: Fine guitar. Most favorite bridge I've ever had the pleasure of playing on. It's ridiculously low profile, lockable, and spring tension is knob adjustable. You see all these features popping up on other trems now (Floyd Speedloader, Ibanez ZR) but this one came first... not to mention I like it better than the others. Headless design is quite comfortable too. EMG Select pickups suck, but I swapped the bridge for a GFS Loudmouth and it am rockin' ballz now.

Drive Wildfire X3: My first ever guitar. Currently strung up with 13s as a jazz/practice axe. My finger strength has improved immensely from using it for practice, and it has a godlike jazz clean tone, though I suspect it is merely because of the heavy strings. Not much to say here, besides that this thing is damn resilient for me having dropped it so many times - there is not a bit of wood showing on it anywhere, only dents in the finish.

Marshall DSL401: Picked it up used on the eBay for $400. Put new power tubes in it. Runs quite well. See above for tips and tricks. Dunno why everyone player-hates this amp, especially since it's miles ahead of the Valveking, which costs more new than this thing used. I have no idea why the DSL401's devalued so immensely... maybe I lucked out with a good model or something. Wish the effects loop was serial... -_-

Morley Classic Wah: I like it pretty good, but it does little on the extreme overdrive channel through the front of the amp. Sounds better than a Crybaby (aka a duck in a tin can). Don't use it much, since it dulls the tone slightly even while off since it's not totally passive.

Big Muff Pi: Use this for garage rock or whenever the band needs a truly hairy tone for a cover or a song we're writing. I bought this originally to get the Stun Guitar sound that Blue Oyster Cult has, and while it works perfectly for that, it works better for what I use it for.

Marshall SuperVibe Chorus: Excellent chorus pedal. I love it so good. Easy to use and so musical. Reacts badly to cheap power supplies though.

Boss SE-50 Half-rack effects processor: Great processor. I need to find a footpedal for it, but until then switching delay/reverb presets in between songs is no biggie. I might end up building a MIDI footcontroller for it.

... and that's my rig. It shall soon be joined by the end-all to be-all customer guitar I'm building: the never-produced KRAMER FIREBALL! I'm actually putting that on the headstock, and I'll say that it's a prototype model since Kramer never made anything like what I'm doing except for maybe the Stagemaster.
Steinberger GU/Spirit w/ Moses Graphite neck, EMG 81-85
"Fireball" Pacer/RG hybrid

Furman Power Conditioner
Axe-Fx Standard
Yamaha S112V
Peak FCB4N
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My rig has been downsized so I guess I won't need to take up much room.

Gibson SG Supreme: It's a 2002 model, the last year they made them with P-90's. It was my first guitar and has it's fair share of dings. It's in triburst.

Gibson Les Paul Supreme: Blew a years worth of paychecks as well as some of my savings for this thing. It's Alpine White and the pickups have been replaced with Burstbuckers. It's thicker than most Les Pauls and is chambered.

1983 Dean Z Standard: This one is special because it was the last American Dean produced and made by Dean Zelinsky. It features brass hardware and is in a rare Blueburst finish with a killer flame top. It has original Dimarzio Super Distortion pickups.

Fender Stratocaster: This one is funny because it's a Frankenstrat. The neck is off my cherished '57 Reissue, the body, pickguard and pickups are from a couple of Strats I purchased at some pawn shops. the finish is faded and it has an original Dimarzio stacked humbucker.

Dean Z Brazilliaburst: Dean Z with a killer flame top. Dimarzio Super Distortion replaced with Gibson Zebra Pickups (500T and a 496R).

Dean 30th Anniversary ML: Anniversary model. Engraved pickups and 30th Anniversary 12th inlay. 30th on the headstock.

Laney VH100R: 100 watts of all valve power. Great tones. Swapped out the EL34s for JJ 6L6GC.

Epiphone Valve Junior: JJ EL84 valve and 12AX7 preamp.
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my mom and i went to a furry con and on the second day she said she didn't come and pay money to go see dumb shit.

Originally Posted by JustRooster
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Good to see the thread is working. There are loads of rig threads, but I thought, this can be the place where you ask about things about your rig and stuff.

Inspired_by_Vai: How is that Sound City for classic rock and stuff? I always wondered. Also, I agree the JB in that Jackson is way too thin sounding. Our other guitarist has one and I'd love to have him change it for something fatter. It's just too thin!
Originally Posted by stratman_13
It's okay Gabel. You kick ass.

18watter video demo

My band

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With regards to the uberschall, what amp is it most comparable too? People have said its like a crazy 5150 with a real harsh bite?
Originally Posted by tarlkea
When I say offensive I mean offensive like dressing up as superman in a wheel chair offensive, not penis suit offensive.
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Nice thread man, a good idea, an open discussion kinda thread

Guitar - Schecter C-1 Elite: I was dead set on either buying a Strat or an Epi Les Paul while I was guitar shopping, but when I came across this I just had to play it some more

Amps - Fender Blues Junior: Just got this one in winter time, I love it though! I haven't really had chance to crank it up though but that's my next aim for sure . The cleans are gorgeous and the drive is alright at lower volumes, but I mainly use my pedals for a driven sound.

- Vox DA5: Got that one a couple of years ago, I'm pretty fond of it. It's just a nice amp to play on in general. I take it with me to friends' houses and whatnot, it's easy to use and some settings sound pretty good.

- Boss OD-1: Erm, this is one hell of a pedal. Made in Japan in 1982 (I did my research ), this pedal just has a great tone when set right. I'll admit that some settings aren't so nice, and the pots sound a little rusty to me, but when I've got it just right with the proper amp settings, jizz fills the sky like rain

-Boss CE-2: I love this chorus. I think it's a 1984 model, or is it '86... It's a beauty to play, has a great lush sound but it's not in your face. It's set just right. I wholeheartedly recomend this pedal if anyone's after a chorus!

-Boss PN-2: To be honest, I just bought this pedal as an investment. Saw it in a shop here in Cairo for like $75 USD and I just had to buy it considering that they sell for $150 + on sites like Ebay! It's pretty cool to play with too, I love the pan feature, it just kicks ass! It's got some pretty bad hiss though, which really annoys me sometimes but I'm sure a simple mod could fix that.

-EHX Deluxe Memory Man: Bloody hell! It's the never-ending climax of delays. Just sounds good as a straight-up delay and it just sounds good as a crazy mo'fo too. I haven't got much to say about this one though as most people on here rant and rave about them.

-Digitech EX-7: Aaah, I love this pedal to be honest. Hasn't got the greatest tone by all means, but it's just damn fun. I could spend hours with that Space Station and the Leslie simulation. Fun stuff dammit, fun stuff

- Digitech Bad Monkey: Pretty good overdrive, it's cheap and it works well for a solo boost. I like it.

-Lapsteel: I got this one off Denmark Street last summer, it's a helluva lot of fun I love playing Floyd on this thing. I rarely get the chance to use it mind you, it collects dust most of the time

-Nylon Acoustic: No-brand acoustic, it's pretty rubbish to be honest. Picked it up for 30 quid from some book store. I have a soft spot for the guitar though for two reasons, it's been with me through some bloody good memories (it has the scars to prove it too), and it's blue

-Yamaha Electro-Acoustic (cba to find the model): Aah, just got this one a couple of weeks ago! I've been really into Bob Dylan style acoustic songs lately, so I'm just strumming away with this songwriting partner. Great stuff, sounds really good unplugged but when it's plugged in it's not so great. I'll mess with the amp settings and stuff and see if it sounds any better. It's a great starter acoustic guitar though, I love it.

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electric: epi sg custom...might not be the greatest, but it does the job very well...and i dont think anyone can argue that is a beautyful guitar

amp: peavey windsor. a lot of people dont like it, but i personally think for the price its realllly good. i mean i got it for 240 and it really suits my needs.

fulltone OCD: i currently use this as my main overdrive
ge-7: it does the job very well...i use it to add mids and boost the OCD a little bit more
crybaby jh-1: i really like it...i think it suits my needs perfectly. However i do have a big complain about it and that is its bypass, which is an easy fix that i will look into in the future
EXH The Worm: tremolo, vibrato, auto-wah and phaser. Phaser works great for me. Tremolo is on the weaker side but still very usable. I love the vibrato in it. Dont really use the auto wah at all.
"Prefiero morir parado que vivir siempre arrodillado" - Ernesto "El Che" Guevara de la Serna (1928 - 1967)
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-Ibanez "pre 1974 Lawsuit" Les Paul with a Duncan Custom Custom and a Duncan Alnico II Pro. This guitar is straight tits! I can honestly say that I have never heard such beautiful sounds come out of a guitar. I don't gig with this guitar in fear of it getting damaged or stolen.
-Schecter C-1+ with EMG 81/85. This is my main gigging guitar and its neck feel very similar the Ibanez LP.
-Schecter S-1 Elite with a Dimarzio Norton in the bridge and a Duncan Dimebucker in the neck. Great sound and very versatile. The Dimebucker in the neck sound like a real hot single coil.
-Schecter Synyster Custom all stock
-Ibanez RD250DX with Dimarzio Super Distortion, Dimarzio YJM, Duncan 59. This is my usual backup guitar when I am gigging, but I broke the floyd on it and need to replace it.

Marshall JCM2000 TSL - Great amp. Very versatile. Just changed the tubes on it sounds even better. I put in Electro-Harmonix EL34 and Tung-sol 12ax7.
Marshall 1960a cab

Original Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer - I was going through my dads old stuff and found this pedal. It sounds better than the new tube screamers.
Dunlop 535Q Wah - great versatile wah. Sounds great clean and distorted
Boss CH-1 Chorus - I only use this on my clean sounds. I love it.
Fender Tuner Pedal
I have other pedals that I don't use so no need to mention them.

X2 XDS95 Digital Wireless - awesome wireless does not color the tone. It sounds like a cable connection.
My Gear
-Gibson Les Paul Studio
-Ibanez "lawsuit" Les Paul
-Ibanez S470
-PRS SE Custom

Marshall TSL100
Marshall 1960a cab

Dunlop 535q wah
Visual Sound Liquid Chorus


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Originally Posted by Teh Forest King
With regards to the uberschall, what amp is it most comparable too? People have said its like a crazy 5150 with a real harsh bite?

Funnily enough the other guitarist in my band was recording with a 5150 last week, I can honestly say the two dont compare, oh and also wouldnt say its got a harsh bite, its very, VERY smooth and rich, its only a harsh bite if you dial in all treble and drop the mids and bass!! Its not -that- smooth with higher gain though, it still only ever gets more aggressive and it always maintains clarity. I would compare it mostly to....maybe a roadking on higher gain with a bit of a boost, or maybe a Diezel VH4. Although personally I would choose an uberschall over them, its very unique and it just screams quality! Also, show off picture time

Diezel, Motherfucker
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YAY!! Rig threads rule. Nice job, Gabel!

As far as my rig goes, I don't really have much now, but expect more to come with my job this summer.

Palomino V3212 - All American, all tube, all awesome. I love it. I'm tempted to scerw around with tubes to see just what other sounds I can get out of it. Great cleans, Marshally overdrive. What's not to like?

Kustom KAA30
- Tis my old acoustic amp. It's fun to mess around with every now and then, but it doesn't see much use anymore. I play my acoustic through my Palo now.

Fender MIM Strat - Mods coming soon. New pickups, maybe a new neck (I have kinda big hands, and the maple neck on there now is pretty small). It's my baby; I wouldn't trade it for the world. The finish is wearing, it's scratched and scarred. But I baby this thing more than any piece of gear I have. Cept my amp, which gets a weekly tolex wipedown

Fernandes Acoustic/Electric - For the price, this is a really great guitar. I hop to upgrade soon to a standard acoustisc, maybe a dreadnought. It has a composite back, maple top, rosewood neck and headstock. I don't think I've ever seeh another like it in a store.....

Vox V847A - Some people love this wah, some people don't. I happen to like it quite a bit. Power adaptability, which is a big plus. Pretty vocal, but I'm trying to see if I can do the mods that Jimi did to his V846. Any help here would be appreciated.

Boss Metalzone - Still not sure why I bought this........ I don't even play metal . But I use it as a gain booster. It's pretty fun for when my band plays "My Generation", because you can get the Pete Townshend feedback section by screwing with the distortion knob. The EQ is horrible though. I'll probably end up selling it.

Boss Loopstation - Awesome pedal. I have the dual pedal version. I like the fact that you can push your amp with the Inst. level knob. But, like a lot of Boss pedals, it's very, VERY noisy when running.

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Right now my rig is shit!
Guitar: Peavy Rockmaster II
Amp: Marshall MG10CD
Pedals: Fab Metal, Fab Echo, Fab Flange, Fab Chorus (acutally decent)
But this summer I'm going to have a job so this is what I plan to upgrade to
Guitar: Epiphone Gothic Explorer (if enough money is leftover after amp)
Amp: B-52 At-112
Pedals: MXR Smart Gate, Dunlop Original Wah, all the others said above
Hi . How may I be of service?
/\ My playing, rate, comment, enjoy .

Ibanez SZ320M
Peavey Bandit 112: Redline
Korg Noise Gate
Dunlop Jazz III's
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Road King
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I use a PRS custom 24 through a Mesa Boogie Road King Series 2. I run the Road King through a Mesa 4x12 rectifier cab. No FX, just dry signal.
Originally Posted by thrilla13w
The hotbar should be floating parallel to the principle axis at this point. Next, take a hammer, and beat yourself in the face while crying JIHAD. problem fixed.

Originally Posted by Slaytanic1993
cowdude speaks words of infinite wisdomery.
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Location: In a house.

'86? (Something like that) Carvin X220 (Red w/ Gold Hardware)-This thing is my baby, the neck feels perfect in my hand, and I love the sounds I get out of it. It's got a brass nut and Kahler Flyer trem, stock neck pickup that I potted myself, and an aftermarket DiMarzio X2N that was in the bridge position when I bought it. The X2N lends itself nicely to some awesome brutal rhythm sounds, as well as Van Halen-style crunch through an amp with a little less gain. The neck pickup sounds pretty smooth, I mainly use it for leads, or for cleans with the coil split.

LTD Viper-FM100 (Trans Purple)- Backup Guitar #1, I keep it in Drop D usually. It kind of needs a new neck or a truss rod adjustment or something, as it's got a lot of fret buzz when played hard. All stock, sounds pretty good for having an agathis body.

Ibanez Gio-****ty first guitar. The only thing I really like about it is the shape of the neck, I'll probably do some crazy mods on it eventually.

S101 acoustic (Don't know the model name)-Decent cheap acoustic, needs a truss adjustment.


Peavey 6505 Combo- My main amp, it's dark and thick enough to balance out the brightness of the alder and brass on my Carvin very nicely. I get a decent clean out of it with split coils and plenty of reverb and delay, and the crunch and hi-gain leads just kick tons of ass. The output transformer shorted out a while ago, though, so it's currently being replaced with one from a JCM900. I'm curious to see how this ends up effecting the sound of the amp, but I can't imagine it'll be detrimental.

Vox VR30- Used mainly for practice, and for school jazz band. It does everything up to Iron Maiden levels of gain pretty well, but gets muddy if you try to push it too hard. The cleans are really nice, though.


'90's Dunlop Crybaby- Decent-sounding wah, but not spectacular. I think it's true-bypass because I haven't noticed any tone suckage, but I don't really know how to find out for sure.

Boss DD-20 Giga Delay- I bought this off ebay a couple years ago, and it's great for the money, it does pretty much any delay sound you could want, the tape and analog simulations are decent, and I generally just turn it on to thicken up my cleans, or turn everything up and make it trippy.

ISP Decimator Noise Gate- Completely transparent and generally just awesome, I couldn't live without it.

My signal path is like this:
Guitar->Crybaby->6505 hi-gain input->FX Loop out->DD-20->ISP Decimator->FX loop in
Originally Posted by sashki
Dunlop Straps™
The best sounding straps on the market

Originally Posted by steven seagull
Justice is this, justice is that...justice is 9 minutes long and recorded in a cupboard full of fluffy pillows
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Main Guitars: Cruiser by Crafter RG600 - Actually its a really nice guitar lol. I might upgrade the humbuckers at some point, but im not sure.

Sunn Mustang By Fender - Again a really nice guitar. It plays really nice and has a pearloid pickguard.

Im soon gonna be buying an Epiphone G-400 faded or vintage whatver they are called. Once i buy that i suppose i'll probably turn the Cruiser into a Slide Guitar. Not too sure yet.

Main Amp - Fender Super Champ XD - Its reallynice and actually really loud. It copes really well in my band and i'm the loudest, unless the bassist turns right up. Even then i rival him! It sounds lovely. I plan to get the footswitch at some point though.

Pedals - GCB-95 Crybaby - I know it gets bad press here, but i personally find that it is perfect for me at the moment.
Bad Monkey - Really nice overdrive and a useful boost aswell. Sounds great.
Denio Chorus - Again a really nice pedal with a great chorus effect.
Echohead Delay (Marshall) - This is a really nice pedal. The Delay sounds are varied and versatile and all sound great. My only problem is that when it runs out of battery, it makes a horrible 'doom' noise.

I hope to get a tuner pedal soon-ish and also rechargeable batteries for my pedals.

Otherwise im happy with my rig.

All my plans for what to get should be complete by Christmas 2008.

darth = the cheese of wisdom

I teach guitar. If you live in the Chelmsford area and need a teacher : www.liveguitartuition.co.uk
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Mine is in my sig but anyway:

I'm playing a black Jackson King V 2 which I bought last year and it's one of the best guitars I ever played. It's tuned in B like my 7 string (so not B standard). It still has the stock pickups (SD JB-4) but I'm thinking of changing them to something that can handle the dropped tuning more.
My second guitar is a black Jackson Dinky 7 string (Christian Olde Wolbers sig), and I must say I don't like it as much as my V. It's a bit neck heavy so I had to add some weight in the control cavity to compensate. It has a standard EMG-7 pickup and sounds great. It has jumbo frets and its slightly easier to solo with than my V on the high strings, but it has bad upper fret access which sucks I also think the neck is a bit too thick. I only use it to practice and for one or 2 songs that require me to solo on the high E string.
I ordered a third guitar, a new Jackson Demmelition V in white with black pinstripes. Can't wait for it to arrive!

The Überschall is simply amazing, especially through the modded Marshall cab. Massive low end, crips cleans and very smooth yet tight sound even with the gain maxed (the only way I play it). I would be devastated if something happened to it. The tubes are still standard but I'm considering to replace the pre-amps with 6 Tung Sol's which seem to work very well with it.

The other amp is a Marshall Valvestate 8100 with matching cab, and it sounds killer too even for a hybrid. I gigged with it and sounded great. I recently bought a BBE Sonic Maximizer 422A and use this with the marshall to clear up the sound. It sounds more tube-like with it.
I bought the BBE to go along with a 5150 I was planning to buy at first, until I came across the Uberschall.

I use a Boss NS-2 in front of the amps to reduce feedback.
And I'm planning to buy a TC Electronics G-Major or G-Force to put in the loop of the Überschall.
I'm waiting delivery of a Mass Weber 150w attenuator so I can play at bedroom levels and I'll use it live for smaller gigs.

That's it I guess.
Jackson KV 2, Jackson COW 7 (both in B), Jackson Demmelition V
Bogner Überschall (blue rev)
Marshall 1960B Vintage (2x V30 & 2x G12T75)
TC Electronic G Major
BBE Sonic Maximizer 422A
Weber Mass 150w
ISP ProRackG
T.Racks Dinopower
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