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Hardcore Band Of The Month: Legends of Hardcore

The long awaited hardcore band of the month sorry no mp3s we couldnt find a host thanx to def for the tremendous amount of help for this

This is just about everything you need to know about hardcore to become a fan and if you are already a fan learn more about some bands or different sub-genres. so no more "What Is Hardcore" threads....

Hardcore Punk
(old school/true hardcore)

Black Flag

In many ways, Black Flag were the definitive Los Angeles hardcore punk band. Although their music flirted with heavy metal and experimental noise and jazz more than that of most hardcore bands, they defined the image and the aesthetic. Through their ceaseless touring, the band cultivated the American underground punk scene; every year, Black Flag played in every area of the U.S., influencing countless numbers of bands. Although their recording career was hampered by a draining lawsuit, which was followed by a seemingly endless stream of independently released records, the band was unquestionably one of the most influential American post-punk bands. A full decade and a half before the fusion of punk and metal became popular, Black Flag created a ferocious, edgy, and ironic amalgam of underground aesthetics and gut-pounding metal. Their lyrics alluded to social criticism and a political viewpoint, but it was all conveyed as seething, cynical angst, which was occasionally very funny. Furthermore, Black Flag demonstrated an affection for bohemia -- both in terms of musical experimentation and a fondness for poetry -- that reiterated the band's underground roots and prevented it from becoming nothing but a hardcore group. And it didn't matter who was in the band -- throughout the years, the lineup changed numerous times(tho they arent **** without rollins) -- because the Black Flag name and four-bar logo became punk institutions.(I didnt focus on the run ins with the law and such i didnt want that to be so closely associated for first time listeners).

Recommended listening: Rise Above
Website: http://www.ipass.net/~jthrush/rollflag.htm

Minor Threat

Minor Threat was the definitive Washington, D.C., hardcore punk band, setting the style for the straight-edge punk movement of the early '80s. Led by vocalist Ian MacKaye, the band was staunchly independent and fiercely sober. Through their songs, the group rejected drugs and alcohol, espoused anti-establishment politics, and led a call for self-awareness. Every song was fast, sharp, and lethal, often clocking in at just around a minute. Their speed and fury often hid their fairly catchy melodies, but the band's main function was to vent rage. Over the course of three years, Minor Threat released two EPs, one album, and several singles, all of which were quite popular in the American punk underground. Their records and concerts helped spawn straight-edge, an American punk lifestyle based on the group's intense, clean-living ideology. Following the disbandment of Minor Threat , MacKaye formed Fugazi , who became one of the more popular American indie rock bands of the late '80s and '90s.
The origins of Minor Threat lie in the Teen Idles, Ian MacKaye's first band. MacKaye formed the Teen Idles while he was attending Wilson High School in Washington, D.C., and after he graduated in 1980, he founded the Dischord record label with the intent of putting out his group's records through the label. Shortly after graduation, the Teen Idles had broken up and MacKaye had formed Minor Threat with former Idles drummer Jeff , former Government Issue bassist Brian Baker , and guitarist Lyle Preslar. By the end of the year, Minor Threat had released the singles "Minor Threat" and "Straight Edge," and had played many concerts along the East Coast. Throughout 1981, they followed this same pattern, playing a lot of concerts and releasing 7" singles. That year, they also released two EPs, Minor Threat and In My Eyes, both of which compiled their singles.in 982, bassist Baker ad left and was replaced by Steve Hansen Baker later played with the Meatmen, Junkyard and With Hansen on board, the group recorded their only full-length album, Out of Step. Upon its 1983 release, the album became popular within the underground and Minor Threat were becoming alternative stars, which didn't sit well with MacKaye. By the end of the year, he broke up the band. MacKaye and Nelson continued to run Dischord, which thrived well into the '90s. The pair also played together in another band, Egg Hunt. Following the disbandment of Egg Hunt , Nelson played with a variety of bands -- including Three and Senator Flux -- before devoting his energies to running Dischord. MacKaye played with Embrace , Skewbald , and Pailhead before forming Fugazi , who carried on the aesthetic, if not the sound, of Minor Threat .

Recommended listening: Straight Edge
Website: http://www.angelfire.com/ok/endall/

Dead Kennedys

The Dead Kennedys merged revolutionary politics with hardcore punk music and, in the process, became one of the defining hardcore bands. Often, they were more notable for their politics than their music, but that was part of their impact. The Kennedys were more inspired by British punk and the fiery, revolutionary-implied politics of the Sex Pistols than the artier tendencies of New York punk rockers. Under the direction of lead vocalist Jello Biafra , the Dead Kennedys became the most political and -- to the eyes of many observers, including Christians and right-wing politicians -- the most dangerous band in hardcore. By the mid-'80s, the band had become notorious enough to open themselves up to a prosecution for obscenity (concerning a poster inserted into their 1985 Frankenchrist album), and the ensuing court battle sped the band toward a breakup, but they left behind a legacy that influenced countless punk bands that followed.
The Dead Kennedys formed in 1978 in San Francisco when Biafra (vocals; born Eric Boucher ) and bassist Klaus Flouride responded to a magazine ad placed by guitarist East Bay Ray . Drummer Ted (born Bruce Slesinger ) joined soon after and the band played locally for the first two years of their career, occasionally venturing outside the Bay Area. Within a year, the band released their first independent single, "California Über Alles," an attack on the then-current governor, Jerry Brown. It was followed shortly afterward by their second single, "Holiday in Cambodia." In 1979, Biafra ran for mayor of San Francisco; he finished fourth. By this time, the band had become quite popular in both the American and British underground. Finally, in 1980, the band released their debut album, Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, on IRS Records. After its release, Ted left the band; he was replaced by drummer Darren H. Peligro .
Following the release of Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, the Dead Kennedys formed their own independent record label, Alternative Tentacles, in 1981. The first release on the label was the Kennedys' EP, In God We Trust . That same year, the single "Too Drunk to ****" scraped the bottom of Britain's pop Top 40, despite being banned from airplay. In 1982, the Kennedys released their second full-length album, Plastic Surgery Disasters. After its release, the band took a hiatus, during which bandmembers -- most notably Klaus Flouride -- performed with various side projects. During that time, Alternative Tentacles began to establish itself as a major force in the American underground.
The Dead Kennedys returned in 1985 with Frankenchrist , which was the record that earned the band its greatest notoriety. Included with the album was a poster of the Swiss artist H.R. Giger 's Landscape #XX, a garish illustration of penises and anuses. A year after the release of the album, the Kennedys and Alternative Tentacles were prosecuted under revised Californian anti-obscenity laws for distributing pornography to minors because of the poster. For the next two years, the band was embroiled in a bitter legal battle, during which Biafra emerged as one of the most articulate advocates for free speech and vocal opponents of the PMRC. In the summer of 1987, the case ended with a hung jury and was dismissed.
Although the Dead Kennedys emerged victorious from the court battle, they didn't remain a band for much longer. Just before the prosecution began in 1986, the band released Bedtime for Democracy, which turned out to be their last official album. After the case was settled, the Kennedys split, releasing the posthumous compilation Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death in 1987. Biafra embarked on a solo career, releasing musical and spoken-word recordings sporadically over the next couple decades. Flouride returned to his fledgling solo career, releasing two albums in the late '80s and early '90s.

Recommended listening: Nazi Punks **** Off
Website: www.deadkennedys.com
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Hardcore Punk

(New School)


Buffalo, New York-based hardcore quintet Snapcase comprised vocalist Daryl Tabreski, guitarists Scott Dressler and John Salemi, bassist Bob Whiteside and drummer Tom Edmond. After earning an enthusiastic fanbase among the hardcore community's revived straight-edge scene, the group signed to the Victory label and debuted in early 1995 with Lookinglasself ; Steps , their follow-up, appeared later that same year. In 1997, Snapcase issued their third LP, Progression Through Unlearning ; Designs for Automotion followed in early 2000. In 2002 they released End Transmission while the trademark hardcore sound is still apparent, Snapcase has gone to great lengths to evolve their musical approach into more of an artistic form as opposed to the traditional hardcore strappings found on their full-length debut, Lookinglasself , and later releases. This artistic approach feels natural; Snapcase has always been a band to encourage individuality, yet for newer fans this format could appear confusing.While this may be the case, End Transmission still has a steadfast determination that cannot be overlooked. As always, Snapcase 's greatest strength comes in the lyrical department, and this album delivers with compelling concepts surrounding a futuristic society. HAIL SNAPCASE!

Recommended listening: Typecast Modulator
Website: www.snapcase.com


The Swedish hardcore band Refused was formed in 1991 by vocalist Denni Lyxzén, guitarists Jon Brännström and Kristofer Steen , bassist Magnus Höggren and drummer David Sandström. Debuting in 1993 with the EP This Is the New Deal, the group issued the full-length This Just Might Be...the Truth later that same year. The Everlasting EP followed in 1994, and in 1995 Refused returned with another EP, Refused Loves Randy. After 1996's Fan the Flames of Discontent, they issued the EP Rather Be Dead; in the wake of completing 1998's The Shape of Punk to Come, Refused disbanded, unable to reconcile their anarchist leanings with a career in music.

Recommended listening: New Noise
Website: www.burningheart.com/bands/refused

Shai Hulud

Shai Hulud are arguably one of the hardcore scene's best groups, yet that title seems a bit too hasty considering they have only released one full length album. Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion is a fantastic album that succinctly wraps up what the late 90's hardcore scene has become, and provides nine songs that are all worthy of becoming anthems for the modern generation. Shai Hulud on the surface may appear to just be a batch of musicians overdosing on testosterone and anger, yet a glimpse at the lyrical content of this album will show something quite different. Blazing with intelligence, daring the listener to actually think, Shai Hulud prove that there is integrity amidst hardcore's abundance of intensity. Anyone half interested in finding out more about hardcore should be given Hearts Once Nourished... as their first lesson. While Shai Hulud may not have pioneered the genre, they certainly deserve recognition for releasing one of the genre's most exquisite masterpieces.(NFG guitarist left this amazing bang for nfg)

Recommended listening: My Heart Bleeds the Darkest Blood
Website: www.hulud.com
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Tough Guy Hardcore


Hatebreed, one of the most well known hardcore bands out there, this band definetly deserves to be in this thread. One of the most influencial hardcore bands in this genre. This description seems to fit them really well:

Take the fierce energy of a hardcore band, add a touch of metal, and what you unleash is the perfect combination only known Hatebreed. Tired with the current state of heavy music in 95, singer Jamey Jasta wanted to ensemble a band that would hit everyone over the head and begin the awakening. Jamey states "that was the reason we started this, In Connecticut people considered Quicksand and Iceburn hardcore and I'm thinking no way this is indie rock. We wanted simple songs with simple song structures. All out brutality, 30 seconds and it is done."

Recommended Listening: I Will Be Heard
Website: www.hatebreed.com


Another band that?s commonly well known in the hardcore scene, NY?s Madball has allways been one of the leading bands in New York?s hardcore scene. Together with Agnostic Front, they?ve been the head of the american hardcore scene for years.

In-your-face n' off-the-streets: that's MADBALL. Spend some time 'round them and you'll know what makes this four-man wrecking ball tick. Freddy, Matt, Hoya and John: four distinct personalities who have honed their rage to a sound synonymous with the word Hardcore

Recommended Listening: Semper Fi
Website: www.madballnyhc.com

Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front, this is the first band that comes to mind when somebody asks me about tough guy hardcore or ?to the bone? hardcore.

NewYork City in the early 1980's, the punk rock scene
was breaking off into a new direction. The new vibe was
a heavier version of punk. It was angrier, louder, faster,
and more real. It had a raw street sound. This was
hardcore punk. The scene was small and tight knit, and
Agnostic Front was one of the pioneers of this new
music. In 1982 the "United Blood" EP was released.

From there, they evolved into a more tough/street orientated hardcore band, to the sound that makes them the epitome of tough-guy-hardcore to this day.

Recommended Listening: Gotta Go
Website: www.agnostic-front.com
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Caliban is the most influencial metalcore band in Europe at this moment, founded back in 1997, releasing 3 cd?s, a split and featuring on numerous complications, their music found its many fans. Here?s a small article about them which shows how they got more commonly known.

After their tour in 1999 which brought them two several european countries(Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland) they entered the studio to record their first full-length album "a small boy and a grey heaven" with producer Jens Schilling.
The record came out at the end of 1999 and got great reviews in big zines like "Legacy, Warschauer and Ox" to name a few.
After playing many awesome live-performances(GL NewYearsEve, Evil-Fest in London!) Caliban recorded four new songs to release a split with their buddies from "Heaven Shall Burn" which features both bands best work to date.
The new CD/LP entitled "Vent" will came out on april 9th. After that Caliban got the offer to fly over to Japan to play the Beast-Feast 2001 and share the stage with the gods of metal:Slayer. A two week us tour with Bloodjinn followed, but was stopped by the attacks in NYC. After that tour, Caliban played even more shows all around Europe, this summer they released their new cd called ?Shadow Hearts?

Recommended Listening: Assasin Of Love
Website: www.calibanmetal.com

Shadows Fall

Great American Metalcore band, had lost of influence in the american metalcore scene, even to this day, they started back in 1996, and sold many cd?s in both Europe and America, here?s an article about thier album:

Massachusetts' SHADOWS FALL are currently revolutionizing heavy metal rock music. New music "leaders" and "legends" seem to pop up just about every month now (thanks to most record labels' promotions departments), but what's staring you in the face will no doubt change the way you think about just how good a metal band can be. SHADOWS FALL not only bring together the BEST things that metal has ever had to offer, but they deliver their songs in a way that no other band ever has. The band's Century Media debut, Of One Blood, will in no doubt be the most welcomed and hailed new metal release of 2000. The members' individual talents will amaze every person who has the opportunity to witness their performance, and their songs will be loved by fans of Metallica's Master Of Puppets, Iron Maiden's Powerslave, Slayer's Seasons In The Abyss, Hatebreed's Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire and In Flames' Whoracle. For each vocal growl there is also a note that is sang, and each fast guitar riff has a note structure that broadens it into something more special. Of One Blood is an album that knows no boundaries...

Recommended Listening: Of One Blood
Website: www.shadowsfall.com

Killswitch Engage

Kilswitch Engage is a band which can?t be described with a few words, but I found a good review that put my thoughts about this band in words:

Killswitch debuted as an opener for In Flames, and judging from the early reaction, has apparantly hit a nerve. Their self-titled first LP is the result of four consummate creators fusing their talents to produce a record of breathtaking originality and sophistication. Those familiar with the band member's prior projects will be pleasantly surprised by the precision and ferocity of Killswitch Engage, as well as the unexpected dose of vocal melodicism. The album was engineered by drummer Dutkiewicz at Zing studios in Westfield, Massachusetts. The music is technical, energetic and passionate. The lyrics represent a refreshing departure from the obvious.
"Killswitch Engage" is a monster debut, a classic piece of metal ear candy, that is destined to become a "must have" milestone record in the CD collection of every serious hardcore/metal fan.

Recommended Listening: My last serenade
Website: www.killswitchengage.com
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Straight Edge Hardcore

Earth Crisis

Earth Crisis is a band from Syracuse, NY. They were formed in 1989 when Karl Buechner and some straight edge friends of his decided to get together and play hard music with politically edged lyrics. Karl was then playing bass, and DJ Rose (current singer in project band Path of Resistance) sang. In 1992, upon the release of the bands first EP "All Out War", and after some line-up changes had occurred, a huge vegan/straightedge scene was beginning to arise in Syracuse, and this movement instigated by Earth Crisis was something that later spread globally. When the band released their first and second full-lengths, Destroy The Machines and Gomorrah's Season Ends, mainstream America started open their eyes for the band. The group was featured on CBS and MTV. Karl also got to speak about drug abuse in front of a congress panel. The band released "Breed The Killers" in September 1998 on Roadrunner Records, Earth Crisis remains to be one of the most influencial band in the Straight Edge Hardcore Scene. In Europe they?ve played a few tours with Europe?s xMaroonx, making the band even more commonly known in Europe.

Recommended Listening: Firestorm
Website: www.earthcrisis.cc

xDisciplex a.d.

xDisciplex A.D. is a Christian straight edge hardcore band with loads of heavy riffs and some insane double-bass drumming. The vocals are incredible. Some say they are the best hardcore band around. Ofcourse that?s fairly relative, but they?re definetly top-knotch in their genre.

Recommended Listening: Fight to the Death
Website: www.hxc.com/xdisciplex


Shockwave is a band that started out in Erie, PA, one of the most violent sounding hardcore bands ever.
This band mixes brutal lyrics with a violent blend of hardcore and metal, powerfull sounding moshparts, awsome breakdowns, one of my favorite hardcore bands, not too well known in America, but since Goodlife recordings took over their cd stuff in Europe, they?ve made quite a name for themselves here.

Recommended Listening: Merge for the Kill
Website: www.hxc.com/shockwave
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I, really dont know much about the history of emocore or know when it originated and where, but i do know tons of emocore bands and listen to them on a regular basis, first band is Boy Sets Fire. Call them what you will they stray along the lines of progressive hardcore and emocore. 2nd band is Thursday, a band from the budding new jersey emocore scene which gaves us bands liek Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance as well as helping Glassjaw's and Poison the Well's music career's.Thursday is just about my favorite band very original and with such insightful lyrics and beautiful melodic guitar lines while still being hardcore, they are truly a great band(they dont like being called emocore but meh..its where they fit best). And last but not least is Glassjaw, a band from long island who got signed to roadrunner records(of all labels) and really wasnt pushed enough by them but they still had a loyal cult following and then by the time they released Worship and Tribute they were on MTV, MTV2, Much Music as well as being featured on Aol Sessions.


Boy Sets Fire was formed in Delaware in 1994 by singer Nathan Gray, guitarists Joshua Latshaw and Chad Istvan , bassist Darrell Hyde and drummer Matt Krupanski. Self-releasing their debut single "Consider" in 1995, the group soon resurfaced with a split release with Jazz Man 's Needle, winning acclaim not only for the intensity of their live dates but also the intensity of their political convictions. Boy Sets Fire's debut full-length The Day the Sun Went Out followed in 1997, with a split single with Snapcase preceding the 1999 release of In Chrysalis . Bassist Rob Avery replaced Hyde for 2000's After the Eulogy, the band's first release for new label Victory Records. This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice Is Being Born was released later that summer. Sucker Punch was issued in early 2001. Boy Sets Fire left Victory for the major label Wind-Up in 2002, and quickly released the Live For Today EP as an introduction. It featured four new tracks and two live recordings. Next, they entered the studio with producer Dave Fortman to record their full-length Wind-Up debut. Tomorrow Come Today arrived in April 2003, and featured a marked progression towards a more accessible sound. However, the new direction didn't lessen Boy Sets Fire's fiery political convictions in the least. The album included an incendiary political rant on its inside flap, and controversial lyrics that rankled some uptight religious groups.

Recommended listening: Bathory's Sainthood
Website: www.boysetsfire.com/


Thursday first got together in 1998 in New Brunswick, NJ. Embodying the crew were five longtime friends: Geoff Rickly (vocals), Tom Keeley (guitar), Steve Pedulla (guitar), Tim Payne (bass), and drummer Tucker Rule . Creating compelling and strong emotional themes driven on hardcore's tuneful selections, Thursday started gathering a solid and faithful fan base through the local music scene. Sharing the stage with bands such as At the Drive-In and Boy Sets Fire at their first shows, Thursday created a wild, but distinguished, reputation way beyond their state. In 1999, the squad signed their first recording deal with New York's Eyeball Records, delivering their first album, Waiting , in that same year. Two years later, Full Collapse, the team's second full-length, hit the record stores in 2001 through Victory Records and in 2002 they released a 5 song E.P with one new track entitled Jet Black New Year(one of my personal faves). Due to differences with Thursday and the record company[Victory] they are now signed to Island Def Jam and are currently working on thier new album.Thursday displays a peerless version of the emo sound for a music scene that may not be ready for what the band has to offer. Full Collapse starts out with a warm, daydreamt piece, "Understanding in a Car Crash," that might give listeners a feeling that they are listening to a more modern, upbeat version of the Cure. While generating intelligent music, Thursday does its best to skirt the line of emo-pop without being unexciting or blasé. The key to this possibility lies behind the music that Thursday creates. Lead singer Geoff Rickly's vocals are smooth yet not immature, strong while not being overbearing. Icy sharp backup screams catch the listener off guard. The melodic-to-crunchy guitars followed by the well-engineered drum sound and rhythmic bass only add to the fray.The release of Thursday 's Five Stories Falling EP offered a convincing argument for the New Brunswick, NJ, band's status as true comers in the hardcore rock hierarchy and unequivocally proved their mastery at creating tumultuous, anthemic emo-rock, built upon a fiercely confrontational affront and a melodic subtextual base.

Recommended listening: I Am The Killer
Website: www.thursday.net


Long Island, NY-based progressive hardcore band Glassjaw was formed by singer Daryl Palumbo and guitarist Justin Beck, longtime friends who began collaborating as teens. Roster changes regularly plagued the group during its formative years, with guitarist Todd N. Weinstock, bassist Manuel Carrero, and drummer Sammy Siegler completing the lineup for Glassjaw's 2000 debut album, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence. Siegler was replaced by ex-Orange 9MM drummer Larry Gorman for the band's summer tour in support of the Deftones. In 2002
Glassjaw changes personnel slightly and moves up to major label Warner Bros. Records from Roadrunner for its second album, Worship and Tribute. But the band's musical approach remains the same, which is to say it is a showcase for lead singer and lyricist Daryl Palumbo. Palumbo, like his greatest influence, Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction, wants to use the rock format as a soapbox for his views. While the band tries to work up a head of steam, pummeling and roaring through conventional hardcore passages, Palumbo interrupts the flow with a series of alternate strategies. "We are the most impassioned ugly people," he declares in "Cosmopolitan Bloodloss," and he justifies that statement in terms not always so articulate in his other lyrics. Disaffected from the complexities of life, he is not so much enraged as bitterly amused, and he responds by repeating puns (e.g., "Denial is a river in Egypt," in "Trailer Park Jesus") or quoting his influences ("Life is such a ball/I run the world from City Hall," sung in "The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports," is a line from Frank Zappa . This is, perhaps, the worship and tribute he has in mind. Musically, the group shows far more versatility than most of its metal peers, perfectly willing to slow the tempo, replicate the sound of a field recording, or let Palumbo pretend to be a sports announcer if he likes. And that helps make them more interesting than their metal peers. Glassjaw can pound it out like the best of them, but the fun comes in never knowing what variation the band will throw in next.

Recommended listening: Pretty Lush
Website: www.glassjaw.com
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To be honest, its not clearly defined. Thats how most genres of music are though. Some other names for it are...
hardcore emo


Incredibly prolific emo-metal-punk road dogs Converge managed to issued more than two dozen albums in the first eight years of their existence as a band. A quartet consisting of Jacob Bannon, Kurt Ballow, Nate Newton and John DiGiorgio, the band also found time to lend out memberst to various side projects, including Kingdom of the Sun, Old Man Gloom and Kid Kilowatt (the short-lived band that also included members of Cave In ). Trudging along, the band during that time played over 600 shows with varying success -- their hard work made it possible for them to retain their cult status within the punk underground without the kind of commercial success that has vaulted other punk bands into the middle of alternative rock radio and press.

Recommended listening: Fault and Fracture
Website: www.convergecult.com

Dillinger Escape Plan

The Dillinger Escape Plan creates maniacally intense, crushingly metallic, and decidedly hardcore punk-infused jazz time-signature invoking compositions displaying an unparalleled musical bravery, precision musicianship, meticulously thought-out, and complex structuring and rigorous physical endurance. The band's guitarists and drummer are regular features in publications geared toward the guitar and drum-playing set. The depth of extremity and mental challenge presented by their music virtually defies description, at once recalling the mind-wandering spirit of MahavishnuOrchestra, the complex heavy metal of later-era Death, Cynic's solitary death metal achievement, and the progressive hard rock of Rush. Their performances bring to mind the anarchic charge of early Guns N' Roses shows, and the sophistication that drives their craft should awe fans of classy art rock bands like Radiohead.
The beginning of the Dillinger Escape Plan can be traced back to a relatively average hardcore band called Arcane, which during its last performance featured vocalist Dimitri Minakakis, guitarists Ben Wienman and Derrick Brantley, drummer Chris Pennie, and then fill-in bassist Adam Doll. The band played two shows with this lineup under the name Dillinger Escape Plan, before Brantley exited the group. They next recorded a demo, which a then new label called Now or Never Records offered to release on CD. New guitarist John Fulton was recruited shortly before the band's first tour. Dillinger Escape Plan's frenetic, intense, and sometimes violently spastic performances became the talk of the hardcore scene. Relapse Records representatives heard about a particularly engaging performance at Philadelphia's Stalag 13 and went to see them at another PA gig. Soon after, a multi-record deal was inked. Fulton left the band shortly before the 1998 release of the band's debut EP for the label, Under the Running Board, on which Weinman handled all guitar duties. The three-song teaser built up anticipation for their 1999 debut full-length record, Calculating Infinity, a jaw-droppingly intense, mathematical, and inspired opus of immense technical proportion. Before the record was made, Doll was involved in a serious car accident that resulted in him being partially paralyzed and unable to continue recording or performing with the band. Around the same time, Jesuit guitarist Brian Benoit joined the band, replacing Fulton. The album was a smash success in the underground, igniting a succession of imitators and accolades from the underground and more mainstream press alike. Calculating Infinity also garnered the attention of former Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton, who, after seeing a videotape of the band in action, invited them to come out on the road supporting his avante-garde act Mr. Bungle. The band enlisted former M.O.D. bassist and fellow New Jersey native Jeff Wood as temporary touring help. Following the Mr. Bungle tour, Dillinger Escape Plan embarked upon a long string of headlining dates and co-headlining shows with Candiria, trekking back and forth around the United States. Their live shows became increasingly intense, incorporating samples, a light show, fireworks, and, at one time, a fire breather. After several months of heavy duty road work, including notable festival appearances on the Warped Tour and March Metal Meltdown, the group relieved Wood -- who continued to front his own Shat project -- of his duties, enlisting a more permanent replacement for Doll in the form of a Philly resident named Liam. 2000 saw Now or Never re-release the band's self-titled record with bonus tracks. Sometime after a trip to Europe with their friends in Botch, the Dillinger Escape Plan parted ways with Minakakis. They played a few shows as an instrumental act and a couple of final shows with Minakakis, one as part of Japan's Beast Feast Festival and another near their hometown. After that, they embarked on a nationwide search for the singer's replacement via their website, putting up a vocal-less version of the song "43% Burnt" and asking prospective hopefuls to download it, record their own singing, and send it to the group. While collecting CD-R's from fans and wannabe singers, the Dillingers stayed busy, recording two songs for a Black Flag tribute album, a new EP's worth of material (which Patton agreed to sing on), and playing Krazy Fest in Louisville, KY, with friend and Coalesce vocalist Sean Ingram guesting. In late 2001, the group met with a singer named Greg Puciato who had greatly impressed them with his CD-R submission. After two practices, they offered him the job and he graciously accepted. He made his debut appearance with the band at the 2001 CMJ Music Festival in New York City. His hulking physical presence and spot-on screaming won over fans as they embarked upon a national headlining tour, which was cut short when System of a Down offered to bring the group over to Europe in the spring of 2002.(my personal fave screamo classed band

Recommended listening: Sandbox Magician
Website: www.dillingerescapeplan.com


it's unfortunate that they have been not a band for more than two years now. This retrospective covers the ground with cold hardwood floors and bright spotlights on ourselves. Everything is melodramatic, but feels sincere. The souls ripping through the shattered throats, the hammered instruments, the torn threadsÉ
Thier songs are dynamic, no strangers to intense building up of guitar, descending to a pause to spell it all out, only to crash down on the floor with all the power that can be mustered while not losing a beat to sloppiness. Songs that sound anthemic at times, but would be difficult to sing along to due to an overall lack of chorus. Saetia bring out some of the most intense art. Often times, it's overly self-indulgent and completely alienating. Other times, it conveys a picture that we can relate to and that brings us closer to feeling involved with the human experience. "It's better to be stepped on than left all alone..."

Recommended listening: An Open Letter
Website: www.level-plane.com/saetia/
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Christian Hardcore


In the last 3 years Zao has broken every rule pertaining to heavy music. Whether they are playing with bands like Sick of it All and Earth Crisis or Napalm Death and Nile, Zao has never bowed to one particular genre by letting their music be toe tagged a certain style. Using sheer aggression as their calling card, Zao has been winning fans with their intense live shows and dark poetic lyrics.
The evolution of Zao began a few years ago with 4 friends sharing a belief and love for hardcore. Since that time Zao has fine tuned and redefined themselves. The band's first release for Solid State was 1997's "Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation", this record garnered the band critical acclaim and drew on the hardcore following the band was already building. Few could anticipate the direction the band took when "Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest" was released in 1998. Blurring the lines that separated the hardcore and metal community, Zao created an album so heavy and devastating that Kerrang gave them 4 out of 5 K's...a tremendous feat for a relatively unknown band.
"Liberate te ex inferis", the band's new record, takes over where last year's "Where Blood and Fire" left off. Adding new guitarist Scott Melinger and bass player Rob Horner, Zao has once again made a record that will smash all preconceived notions about who they really are. "Liberate te ex inferis" was recorded at Poynter Studios in Little Rock AR, the same studio that created "Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest" and other incredible bands such as Living Sacrifice, N.I.V., Burned Up Bled Dry, Stretch Arm Strong and others

Recommended Listening: PS77
Website: http://www.solidstaterecords.com/bands/zao/

Norma Jean (former Luti-Kriss)

Norma Jean is the band formerly known as Luti-Kriss, the reason for this name change was a local rapper called Ludacris or something, but the band didn?t change. Untill a little while ago when 2 bandmember left Norma Jean. Replacement has been found though. A little article about this great band:

Formed in 1997 in a suburban garage just outside Atlanta, Georgia, this quintet knew something was looming on the horizon for them. "We have all been best friends since before the band started," Daniel adds. "The band has been a natural result of our experiences and spiritual growth as friends." Not long after their initial inception, the band built a reputation with their desperately spasmodic and energetic live shows. "The live show is like the most chaotic episode of 'Romper Room' you've ever seen. Josh (our vocalist) is like Elvis with violent seizure attacks. The rest of the band has had to tone it down because we weren't able to finish tours-due to every single piece of gear getting broken during our shows." Building on this reputation, they soon found themselves sharing the stage with the likes of P.O.D., Embodyment, Blindside, Zao, and Project 86.

This band has been my favorite christian hardcore band for years, if you have the chance to check them out, don?t hestitate, go. But watch out for guitars and other things flying towards your from off the stage, their live show is incredible, chaotic, energetic, loud, I can?t describe it with a few words, just go and see them for yourself!

Recommended Listening: Black Smith
Website: www.solidstaterecords.com/bands


Selfmindead, an energetic band with deep lyrics, inspired by many metal bands, you can definetly say that they do have their own style, theres nothing like Selfmindead.

SELFMINDEAD-started as a four piece band with the original members..Tapani-bass, Ilkka vocals, Marko-drums and Timo-guitar. They started to practice at the local "band house" in Eskilstuna Sweden, finally they got songs enough to play their first show, that was at bruket a local club wich held shows for refused, mindjive etc.etc. the show was held 29-12-94 with some local bands. The year of 95 became a good year for SELFMINDEAD. The local music/culture people was hosting a annual contest for new and upcoming bands. SELFMINDEAD then recorded a demo to try to enter the contest with no hopes at all to even compete. It turned out that they won the contest amongst 50 or so bands, the first price was a recording of a cd-single with 3 songs. The single was recorded at Studio Underground in Eskilstuna. This was the very first time the band went to a studio session, the single was produced, recorded and mixed by micke an the band. After the release of the single the band got out and played a lot more. The first show outside of the hometown was held on a parkinglot in mullsjo in the south/western part of sweden, with some local bands. Then the band hooked up with some people in Stockholm who did shows for local and unsigned bands. The first show in Stockholm was with BLINDSIDE. After a while the band recorded a demo which they sent a number of record companies. The band got a positive response from a lot of companies but they chose to do the first recording for SOULSCAPE RECORDS SWEDEN , which was recorded in may 97 at Studio Berghem, produced, recorded and mixed by Mick Nordstrom (happy unemployed) and the band. before this recording the band recorded a promo 7" with 3 songs ("3", "fuel stop" and a cover of starflyer 59's "hazel would" The record was first released through soulscape in scandinavia and later next year by solidstaterecords in the U.S. The record got a good response through radio and TV play in EUROPE and the U.S. The band has made trips to Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. these trips were done as a four-piece

In March 2003, the band broke up, now forming a new band with a few of the older members, called Benea Reach, Selfmindead released 2 cd?s, their latest At The Barricades We Fall was a great succes throughout Europe. Selfmindead played shows with Mesuggah, and many other big names, Extol?s guitarist also joined Selfmindead for half a year, but has stepped down in March 2003, as a result the whole band split up.

Recommended Listening: One Step Foreward
Website: www.selfmindead.com
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Los Angeles? finest Downset have stunned everybody when they came back a while ago with a new cd, ??Check your people??
This band didn?t feel the need to turn up on MTV and turned down several request for tv-clips and festivals, they?re alive because of the underground and they want to stay that way. This attitude didn?t get them famous, however they did build up a group of dedicated fans. Downset toured America several times and every couple of years they plan a tour in Europe. With their new cd out I had the chance to see them live with .Calibre, it was a great show. However Rey (their vocalist) was having problems with his voice, it was an amazing experience.

Their sound can be described as Agressive rapcore with influences from metal, a powerfull mix worth listening too.

Recommended Listening: Empower
Website: www.downset.com


Rapcore in its purest form, Harcore and rap combined in a violent way, Biohazard is definetly the most well known Rapcore band out there.

Emerging from the ashes of the Brooklyn, NY underground comes Biohazard
(Evan Seinfeld - bass/vocals, Bill Graziadei - guitar/vocals, Danny Schuler - drums, Carmine Vincent - guitar), pioneers of a blend of musical styles that have taken the mainstream by storm, blazing the way for today's most popular hard-core musicgroups. Biohazard was one of the first to fuse the bone-crunching power of hardcore and metal with the social commentary and street sensibility of rap and have endured over a decade of musical, social and personal change to establish themselves as the true leaders of a musical revolution.
Born in 1988 out of a love for hard-core and an instinct for escaping the lure of the streets, Biohazard chose music over the downward spiral of drugs and violence lurking in the troublesome neighborhoods around them. Inspired by (but not limited to): Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Run DMC, Bad brains, Judas Priest, Cro-Mags, Public Enemy, The Ramones, Agnostic Front, pre-house and hip-hop, the band set out to create a musical hybrid that would transcend easy categorization and not be bound by limitation.

Recommended Listening: Wrong side of the tracks
Website: www.biohazard.com
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Progressive Hardcore

While most of the bands discussed in this thread are on the progressive side these are the truly progressive bands, it may be even a stretch to call them hardcore....

At the Drive In

Combining emotional melodies and an upbeat rhythm moving at an unpredictable rate, At the Drive-In definitely stuck out in their hometown El Paso, TX. Formed in early 1994, the group debuted soon after with their first EP, Hell Paso, followed by a brief tour across the Lone Star state. With a line-up secured around Cedric Bixler (vocals), Omar Rodriguez and Jim Ward (guitar), Paul Hinojos (bass) and Tony Hajjar (drums), At the Drive-In continued on with a second EP (Alfaro Vive, Carajo) and toured mostly empty houses and clubs across the western United States. A small gig in Los Angeles -- with an audience consisting of only nine people -- somehow got the attention of Flipside Records, who released the band's first full-length Acrobatic Tenement in 1996. With constant energy and a stubborn enthuasism to continue, At the Drive-In began to develop an audience, helped out by constant touring and word-of-mouth hype. Their 1997 follow-up EP El Gran Orgo had more of a melodic bite, but their musical depth and originality still remained. In Casino Out followed in 1998, and 2000 saw the release of Relationship of Command. After the band went on indefinite hiatus in 2001, Bixler and Rodriguez formed the Mars Volta, while Ward, Hajjar, and Hinojos moved on to Sparta

Recommended Listening: One Arm Scissor
Website: http://web.ukonline.co.uk/manicz/


The sliver-haired woman with the straw hat and oversized sunglasses is in bliss. Drifting slowly down Main Street, past the historic gold rush hotels and countless storefronts selling handicrafts, she joins a group of people who are watching a troupe of jugglers prance around, hurling bowling pins and various ******* utensils every which way.
This is downtown Los Gatos. The local icon is a pair of twin cats. Nothing good ever happens here.
Then again, sometimes it does. This small Northern California community, wedged midway between the silicon sprawl of San Jose and green rolling hills of Santa Cruz, is where the members of Dredg grew up, went to school, learned to play their instruments, gravitated toward each other, got drunk, discovered mind-expanding artists like Sepultura and Pink Floyd and Miles Davis, dreamt, came of age, made a lot of noise, and, in due time, became the most captivating and possibly most important new band to emerge out of nowhere.
That is not empty hyperbole. Together for nearly a decade, singer Gavin Hayes, guitarist Mark Engles, bassist Drew Roulette and drummer/keyboardist Dino Campanella have invested an inordinate amount of concentration into shaping their intense and strangely melodic sound. The evolution has not always been pretty, but once the band gained its balance, Dredg's sound matured beyond all recognition.
In just a few years, the stoic quartet went from the noisy bombast of 1997's Orph EP to the full-fledged audio panorama of 1999's 10-track concept album Leitmotif (which got a proper release by Interscope last year). Soaring guitars gave way to delicately plucked mandolins. Garbled lyrics yielded to deep, intricate prose. Anger turned to inspiration.
But the conclusive evidence of Dredg's wide-screen ambition is to be found on its forthcoming cinematic major label debut, El Cielo - its most tunefully captivating and sonically devastating work to date.
Recorded primarily at George Lucas' cavernous Skywalker Ranch Studios in the scenic Marin hills just north of San Francisco, the band found the perfect creative environment for its organic, expansive music. "There were no distractions," Engles says. "You walk out of the studio and there's deer running around lakes and vineyards. It's just a beautiful atmosphere." The endless big blue sky and vast terrain undoubtedly contributed to the fluid hour-long musical journey El Cielo navigates, with dreamy instrumental passages joining the songs together in a continuous mix.
A select list of producers - including Ron St. Germain (Tool, Creed), Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl Jam), and Jim Scott (Red Hot Chili Peppers) - helped the band further cultivate its pluralist vision. "We wanted to work with different collaborators because we wanted diversity," Hayes says. "We don't fit in a box. We don't like it when every song on an album sounds the same - same guitar tone, same drum sound. It starts to sound like the same song over and over. By no means did we want to make a standard album."
Success. El Cielo is a record that sounds nothing like any record you've heard before. There are drum circles, Bulgarian chants, broken thrift store trumpet solos, drum 'n' bass inspired breaks, strings, dulcimers, bouncing satellite dishes, celestial sound effects, Latin rhythms and lyrics about the subconscious mind. In lesser hands it would sound like the end of the world. But here, on breathtaking tracks like "Of The Room" and "18 People Live in Harmony," everything has its place. "Our songs are like abstract paintings," Campanella says.
"But we still love melody," Roulette adds. "We still love good lyrics. Just because we want to be different doesn't mean we want to be impossible. We take our oddities and mix them with something people can relate to, coming up with our own sound."
The band has already seen its extensive risk-taking pay off in small ways. An early demo put Dredg in heavy rotation on Boston radio, inspiring a landslide of effusive fan letters from complete strangers. The re-release of Leitmotif earned Dredg an opening slot on Alien Ant Farm?s European tour last year. And a series of homemade websites have popped up as early markers of escalating interest in the band.
Typical of the praise the band is inspiring, Shoutweb.com cited them as one of the primary bands to watch in 2002, enthusing, "Like Nirvana destroyed the heartless hair metal sludge of the 1980s, Dredg will deal a serious blow to the current era of commercialized rap-rock. Dredg have the potential to be one of the most important bands of our time."
The feeling must be contagious, for even the readers of the local Los Gatos newsweekly recently declared Dredg the best local band. Sure, the closest competition may be the accordion quartet in front of the Main Street ice cream shop, but as avid students of the serendipity espoused by The Celestine Prophesy, even the members of Dredg must know this is the most reassuring sign of their imminent success.
"The designation as Los Gatos' finest might seem a little small for Dredg," the article reads. "But locals refuse to let go of their favorite sons."

Recommended Listening: Same ol' Road
Website: www.dredg.com

Praise Worship and Live by all of these bands
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Wow, havn't read it all yet but great job ry. (might do something for punk forum also) Checked out the metalcore bands (love this genre) but hardcore punk will always be my fav (black flag, minor threat, Shai Hulud ) Great job to Ry and Def.... cheers, i'll read the full thing later

EDIT: Black Flag Link doesn't work
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Yeah, wow....that is the most impressive list I've seen in a long time! You guys really outdone yourselves....good job

I'll start reading it now

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Ok dude that was well worth waiting for, I have alot of bands to listen to over the next few days (Although I heard of all the Emocore and Metalcore ones)

Very good job on this one
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Damn I know it was 8 pages in word, but reading it here, lol its a lot! Great stuff Ry, I hope we'll get a host for the MP3's since we also have those... beh..

if someone has webspace for us... contact ry...

This could probably turn out to be a FAQ, anyways, it's great, I only see great bands here and I did my fav genres

rock on!
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Hmm...this is really impressive Ry/Def (whom it may concern, )....

All those posts...I figure this must've taken a long time. let's just hope the forum regulars appreciate it.
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They'de better, lol, the only thing we need now is someone to host the mp3's, so everybody can hear the bands too....

ohyeah, Ry and me both did about half of it, I did tough-guy, metalcore, rapcore, straight edge hardcore and christian hardcore. Ry did all the others!
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Awesome job Ry and Def. Some kick ass bands you got there and also a few I'm gonna check out now.
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besides the old school hardcore (minor threat, dead kennedys, black flag) i didnt know about most of these bands. but some of them are really cool. shai hulud does a cool cover of nofx's linoleum. and im in the middle of d/l songs from xdisciplex ad, zao, converge, at the drive in, and boy sets fire.
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You missed a great old-school Hardcore Punk band-
They were from the same scene as Black Flag, and from around the same time, but they were also somewhat influenced by blues and old rock 'n roll as well as hardcore, they had a girl singer who kicked ass. Check them out.
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Originally posted by JH013
besides the old school hardcore (minor threat, dead kennedys, black flag) i didnt know about most of these bands. but some of them are really cool. shai hulud does a cool cover of nofx's linoleum.

they also do the best bad religion cover i have ever heard of the song anesthesia check it out

oh and berloiz we had many bands that we wanted to include but you seen the lenght of the thread so we had to cut some bands out the exploited were gonna be involved as well but we already had our minds set on them 3 and those are probably the most influential from thier time
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