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Interval ear training test

I think everyone here should do the ear trainer and post their results. No cheating. You must answer 10 questions. You can have a couple practice questions if you like. Up to 10. After that it is the real deal.


My results: 80%. 8 correct and 2 incorrect. Although I got unison twice. I am currently doing a intensive ear training program by myself so I am happy with these results.

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I got 10/10

EDIT: Went up to 100. 100 correct, 2 incorrect, 98 percent. Confused 1 minor sixth for a major 7th and missclicked one. lol.

But this hasn't actually helped me much. It's more helpful to hear the big picture in terms of scale degrees than isolated intervals(unless the music is atonal or something). That's why I think sight singing and transcribing actual music is better.

For example: Instead of hearing 'root - major third - minor third' I hear 'arpeggiated major triad'

And instead of hearing 'down minor second - down major second - down major second - unison - up perfect fifth - down perfect fifth' I hear 'major scale degrees 4-3-2-1-1-5-1'

Eventually you can do that in real time after a lot of practice.

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wish it was chords instead, more interesting

oh they do have one:


meh too basic
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99/100 (Shame on me.)

But yeah, I agree with Elintasokas. I'm sure there's some benefit from this, but I also think in scale degrees. And these intervals are completely out of context.
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Only did 20, got all of them correct. It's really boring.
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Yeah this doesn't actually help anyone.
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It's important to understand how we hear music in a context.

e.g., a I-IV and a V-I can both be played as a major chord moving down by an interval of a fifth - or, if you prefer, as a chord moving up by a 4th.

In a void, in this sort of interval-based exercise training, there's no difference.

However, in practice, there's a huge difference. No experienced musician would ever mistake a V-I for a I-IV. They're both instantly-recognizeable, and highly different, chord movements.

By transcribing and/or using the functional ear trainer, you can start to hear these differences.
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