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Bubble Toad (Experimental Mathy Metal, MIDI GP4 GP5) C4C C4C C4C ALWAYS C4C C4C C4C!

Here is my latest song, named by my friend and really this song captures a mood more than any other song I have written. Very evil, sludgy....., bubbletoady.

It sounds at least 2000% better with RSE turned on on GP5.2. I shouldn't even include the MIDI file, it doesn't represent the song well at all. Also, this song isn't really heavy at all and not really mathy, just odd time signatures and tempo changes. However it does contain alot of (well used) keyboard parts, and it definitely doesn't need more cowbell... trust me.

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That was one of the strangest things I've ever heard...
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Better nate then lever
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it needs
that was crazy, i guess now i know what sludgy sounds like
it was a great composition, sounds like video game background music, very much, which is a good thing, almost like before a boss stage music, haha

i think overall, it was awesome, nothing bad to say about it
loved the keyboard fills, loved the guitar parts at the end

great job
Originally Posted by metul kult
You know when Attack Attack is ripping off your music, you're onto something

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well... umm... I can easily say this is the first time I've ever heard anything like this O_o

Very creative **** in there, 10/10 from me, wasn't a thing I didn't like about it xD
Originally Posted by piratemetalhead
Odd time signature fapping? New genre: Fapcore. It's going to be br00tal. Cumming Blood will not simply be the topic of Cannibal Corpse songs, but nececcary for the musicians to progress.

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Jake the Peg
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what on earth is that?
its crazee, progee, and froggeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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the bass reminded me of Primus.

Very odd song, in a good way though - creative.

edit - actually i really like this song lol
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100% out of 100%.
that was awesome.
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This honestly kind of made me laugh but in a good way. Very strange progressions. But also very cool in there own funky way. 11/10.

How about mine. It's a bit longer.

Originally Posted by Thomasoman
I can't think of anything else to say besides holy shit. You are now one of my favorite songwriters on here. Feel special.

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Lol Wut Ang Clan
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Haha, sorry I don't have time for a long crit but that was absolutely awesome in every possible way... 10/10, I loved the sludgy metal sounding parts the most.
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that was...


it sounded quite like something you'd put in a movie when the lead role is getting stuck in a swmp (no sh1t, lol )

keep it up, it's great ambience (sp?), or background music, whatever you call it. you know, when you want to relax and not listen to something too techically (I don't mean it's simple in the structure, it's just easy to listen to)

the drums could use a little more work, they're a bit.. odd.. sorry, can't be more specific than that...

You like it
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Wow. This is one of the best songs I've heard in this forum.
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This song is really good. I love how swampy you make the drum only parts sound.

Then you manage to make the prog metal riffs sound awesome.

Very good, highly entertaining.

The only problem I have is that the no longer cute riff goes on for a bit too long.


Could you crit mine please, they are in my sig.
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Haha... you don't have to be "mathy" all the time...
...I mean like, a third of a bar of 4/4 now and then, is okay.

On with the crit...

Love the intro drums, and the boinky bassline... and I really like that chord in bar 4.
Oh yes indeed.


I only got GP4, but midi bass does sound like a farting frog, so...

The kick drum use in bar 35 is simple, yet effective as a fill. Bravo.

Yay 7/8, also... win drumbeat!

I like the bass when it comes back in, and even more when it's on chords.
Whoever said Primus first, was not wrong.

Bar 21 onwards rules on rhodes piano chords.

Nice bit of 13/8 there. And a cool bassline just after... really... megatoad-like.

Liking the whammy bar use in the bullfrog bit. And the nuts drum rolls. Really well done.

Bar 39 and 40 are probably my faves so far.

...SCRAP THAT!!! LOOK AT THAT EFFING SWAMP!!! That riff is amazing!!!

The percussion from here on is really swampy, and those synth chords are very evil.
They remind me of Deeper Underground. Good ol' Jamiroquai.

Bar 81... boom boom boom boom... ribbit xD

I love the whining guitar over that, and the "drip drop" drums are very good.

And when that cowbell kicks in, the piece seems to literally plod along.

I like the bar 113 fill, and the use of further cowbell. And an unbelievably good riff.
It's rather Pantera-ish to my ear. Also, I will die TOADay... very good...
...and yay, bar 132 = mega win bubbletoad riff. I like the way you added a second bass, and there is cowbell, and birds? And all sorts of synth. It creates a big sound.

Bar 148 - simple, but effective.

Bar 149 - YAY! More Pantera stylee riffing. If anything, this riff should be longer, just keep varying the drums under it ...see, you COULD use more cowbell.

I like the way you end the riff on a big powerchord, and then crash one cymbal to lead back into the next drum beat.

Really cool ending, actually, I am still digging that chord.

I genuinely liked this =D

Oh and by the way?

Originally Posted by bloodshed344
I never did crit this, don't worry I'll get around to it in 12 hours or so.

Your 12 hours are up, it's http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru....php?p=15137316 time!


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Damn I forgot about that, thanks for the crit. I had like 5 songs I was supposed to crit and I got overwhelmed and just forgot about em, but I WILL MAKE SURE TO CRIT IT.

The main thing about the RSE also is that the bass effects. The track 6 bass has some really gritty distortion and the other one has a ton of chorus.

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OH MAN!!! The strangest song ever in UG.. ...wow wow ...i really love the intro bass..it's sort of sweet..but when u played that riff with guitar....it sounds funny..really funny ... u got great sense in bass..I like the bass part of whole song..You got nice use of timing...I'm quite out of idea about your last post...Track 6 bass??? Do you use RSE distortion for bass??
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Yeah, that one bar where the bass is sliding and the dissonant guitar is behind it, the bass is supposed to be really distorted there (It is in RSE)
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man that was so messed up!
It made me extremely happy, like I was laughing throughout, it was so disturbing and awesome! Sounds like something Mastodon would do.
Anyway, I give it a hands down 11/10, just cause it was so damn creative, and no parts really sounded like, bad bad. Although most of it sounded good bad. Haha. Good job!
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I loved how it kept changing, the bass line was awesome and I really liked the interlude with the crazy drum fill, it was definately one of the weirdest things i've ever had the fortune of listening too.
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I likeallguitar
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That was pretty crazy and crazy awesome. I really really liked the lyrics or were they just captions, they were awesome either way. I wish i could write stuff with crazy time signatures! That was great, 10/10 just for the creativity.
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Lowest score is 9/10, highest is 11/10?

I'm ok with that.

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