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Overrated: Yngwie Malmsteen
Underrated: Malcolm Young
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I think Nile Rodgers is pretty underrated. People don't give enough credit to guitarists who play a more funk and/or dance style. This guy's playing is incredible, all the way from Chic in the 70's to his most recent work on the new Daft Punk album.
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underrated:Alvin Lee(ten years after) Robby Krieger(the doors) Jan Akkermann (focus) Don Felder (eagles) Ritchie Blackmore(deep purple) Stevie Ray Vaughan and of course Rory Galagher
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Overrated George Thorogood
Underrated John 5. Seriously he can kick your ass with metal then turn around and kick it with country.
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I don't know about overrated, but underrated is definitely Vinnie Vincent.
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Jimi Hendrix was great n all, I have a DEEP respect for what he did and how he did it. There will never be another....but he is given too much credit.
VH so the guy tapped fast...so what
Jimmy Page, I don't even wanna.
Lenny Kravitz...I'll be honest. He only got big cos he's black. He's definitely a great guitarist, one of the guys to get me to pick up an axe. However, ppl just wanted another Jimi and they pushed this guy.

Every R&B guitarist ever. They are all very skilled at their craft and are many times better than the riff based guitarists. The thing is that most of em are session guitarists to the solo singers which is big in the genre, so they never get the exposure that the guitar gods of rock have.
Chad...guy from Nickelback haha. Ok Ok before you say anything, as generic as Nickelback songs are, the guitar work is pretty impressive, especially their side tracks that they don't release as singles.
James Hetfield (spellcheck) he is a solid rhythm guitarist and VERY clean. He's constantly overshadowed by Kirk though...
I wanna say the Megadeth guitarists but I've only heard 3 songs so :shrugs:

Not Sure:
A7X guitarists simply because they are great guitarists. However, the fanboys/girls never shaddup about em (and there's a bunch of em) yet the haters of all things metalcore hate the band so much that they never give them a chance. I personally hear a buncha Maiden influenced riffs and solos. And speaking of Maiden
Iron Maiden guitarists are hard for me to gauge as over/under. I see a buncha under in this thread but I'm assuming that it's just cos of Maiden being a vocal focused band. But ask any young metalhead if they'd have to pick one band to work with them, they'd shoot straight for Maiden simply cos they are amazing in the show offy compared to other classic metal/NWOBHM acts.
Tom Morello. This might be the fanboy talking but I think he is gauged just right. He is FAR from under rated but all of his skills are legit and the fact that I fanboy over his playing is something in of itself cos I am not easily impressed. Heck, I fanboy over 3 things in this world: Rise Against, Legend of Zelda, and Tom Morello's guitaring
Kurt Cobain...why is he mentioned in this thread so much? seriously, no one thinks he's a great guitarist. NO ONE! I mean, Nirvana stuff is at the 0 tier of learning Rock music. it's simple, catchy, hell, it's one level above punk music
Theory is just...wow. I'm getting a bit over my head by trying to learn so much w/o formal educators

Originally Posted by DBKGUITAR
To be a good lead guitar you must be VERY GOOD AT RYTHM

Originally Posted by MaggaraMarine
My motto: Play what the song needs you to play!
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Overrated? Slash, 'The Edge'

Underrated - josh homme maybe, his chord work is insane.
"I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape." - Thom Yorke
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New talent is commonly praised (when finally the music of choice becomes more mainstream) when those who inspired or even taught them are left in the dust -- like exemplified a little bit here, with exceptions. Here are a few more: From Motorhead -- Eddie Clarke and Larry Wallis. Thanks for everyones' contribution and the love for those who were left behind/forgotten -- check out those riffs in Ace of Spades and Orgasmatron.

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Richie Sambora is terribly underrated.
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There's a new guitar blog - [forbidden link] - with a boat load of unsung heroes and rare YouTube cuts...

Who here remembers Johnny Winter and Robin Trower?

Electric Vivaldi!
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There's a new guitar blog - (lemme try that again) electricvivaldi . blogspot . com - with a boat load of unsung heroes and rare YouTube cuts...

Remember Johnny Winter and Robin Trower?

Electric Vivaldi!
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Over rated Steve via
Under rated randy Rhodes
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Originally Posted by The Contagen
I love how you all put Slash as your most overrated guitarist. And Tom Morello as underrated.

Let's look through this list of people in Guitar Hero......

Hmmm.... Slash......... oh.....can this be......Tom Morello? He must be overrated, seeing as he was in a game that brought rock n' roll back to a lot of people......man I hate Rage Against the Machine now.

Seriously, all the Slash hate is pitiful. Just because he doesn't try to cram all the notes he can into one measure like OMG YNGWIE MALMSTEEM doesn't mean he's not good. In fact, I'm sure hes capable of doing that. But no, Slash writes songs, not riffs.

And if Slash has a shredding song in his solo album, and delivers an amazing solo album, I'm sure everybody will deny that they ever said Slash was overrated.

Over-rated as basically being made into some demi-god of guitar when he really quite frankly isn't anything special technically wise, or feeling wise.
I enjoy his playing, his riffs are good and his solos work, but I just thing GnR are cheesy as hell, so I don't like it too much. But he is over-rated because way to many people think he is actually technically very good or something because he is generally the only real guitarist random people know, along with Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix.
Over-rated doesn't mean you think the guy sucks, it just means he gets way too much credit for what he is worth.
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Overrated...hm...I am gonna say...Slash...great guitarist but definitely isn't as amazing as people proclaim him to be...
Underrated...Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains...sure man in the box and rooster are great songs people know but the dude has written so many great songs with and without Alice in Chains
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He doesn't get just about anywhere close to sum the credit score he should get-and this Cut becomes.
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I find Vinnie Moore underrated. I don't even think that many people in UG know him. Some of his stuff is just neoclassical wankery, and TBH, some of his earlier stuff just sounds the same as each other, but some of his later works are genius.


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Why does everyone say Slash is overrated? Most people can only dream to play like him. Most overrated guitar player is Jeff Beck. Most underrated is Tommy Shaw.
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Ty Tabor is pretty underrated IMO (hell, all of King's X is for that matter). It's not so much Ty's soloing, but his composition style is next level.
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Originally Posted by ZeppelinSkynyrd
Why does everyone say Slash is overrated? Most people can only dream to play like him. Most overrated guitar player is Jeff Beck. Most underrated is Tommy Shaw.

Slash is deemed overrated presumably because he isn't a virtuoso guitarist.

Underrated: John Frusciante- he's no household name, in fact most people don't know his name even if they know the odd Chilis song.

Overrated: Kurt Cobain- Good songwriter? Yes. Good guitarist- No! He was a pathetic guitarist and in reflection, pretty unoriginal really. It's a real shame that someone like Jerry Cantrell or Eddy Vedder aren't seen as 'the face' of grunge as both of them were exceptional musicians. AIC are far more unique than Nirvana in my opinion as they utilisied harmonic singing between Staley and Cantrell for starters.
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Originally Posted by barden1069
I just like to imagine that my neighbors enjoy their free, nightly concerts.

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Originally Posted by Adventurer
Underated - Elliott Smith

Good one. You really realize this if you try to play any of his stuff. His chord arrangements and his fingerpicking are really fast.
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