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Originally Posted by Rebelw/outaCord
I gotta get 3 more for a shirt

Name of Item- Dunlop Straplocks
Who It Is Made By - Dunlop
Features- Locks
Cost- $20? I paid 20 with installation.
Style of Music It Fits- All of them
Why You Like It- My guitar doesnt fall. They have never failed me yet. Really easy to use, too.

the schallers tend to work better and teh flat ones that look like donuts are horrible

cost-19 bucks
why- you have to pull the pin out and slide your guitar up to get the button out of a cradle. with the dunlops there are bearings that hold your guitar on, the strap psice somes straight out and all you have to do is bump it inorder for the bearigs to release it makes me feel safer with my guitar and its soft nitro celulouse
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Let me add to that.

Name of Item X-V-Amp
Who It Is Made By Behringer


Cost $149 RRP. I got mine for $100

Style of Music It Fits It's a modeller its meant to be versatile. Fits most styles of music. Can do metal, blues, classic rock, to an extent funk.

Why You Like It

It started me on my search for better tones. I started with a Roland Cube 15 and after a few months got bored of the sound. I love to tweak as it my calling or something (im a techy guy). You better love to read manuals as this is quite complex to operate with its many button thingys. Its a breeze compared to teh VAMP 2. My friend bought that and he thinks the Tweed Combo Amp model activates the Flanger . Enough of that back to the review.

The Range of tones I get out of this is amazing. I'm very into RATM and need a Flanger, Delay, Whammy, Tremolo and Wah and it was just not feasible to buy them all. This does all those very well except the Whammy which is understandable cosidered the price of this unit.

It has 15 amp models (16 if you count the bypass) that all sound different. I don't have time to name all of them but the Behringer website has clips of most of them. The Wah is decent but doesnt have that "Wahhhhh" that I just find missing. It doesnt have any adjustable parameters for the wah but all the otehr effects have adjustable parameters (usually 3).

There is a small delay when switching between amp models but I normally stick to one amp model in one song. This has kept me very busy constantly finding new tones and effects. The sheer amount of stuff they crammed into this is amazing for the price.

100 totally editable presets should keep anyone busy. Its got 16 modulation effects with about 4 models per effect which is overkill as most of them sound different. It also has a stereo out for stereo tremolo and delay and reverb. On top of that there is a compressor and a noise gate as well as a 2 band EQ.

The only disadvantage is that it doesn't feel extremely sturdy like the BOSS pedals. I don't stomp on it anyways so I'm fine. It is also extremely lightwieght and compact so it is easy to transport and plug into my friends stereo system instead of bringing my entire amp along.

I don't find it sounds digital. The sound I get is quite good and it just takes a little tweaking.


My Gear :

Squier '51 (Dimarzio PAF Pro) (10-52s)
Roland Cube 15
Behringer X-V-Amp
Digitech Bad Monkey
BOSS DS-1 (modded)

Yamaha RBX270 (55-110s)
Behringer BXL900
EHX Bass Balls Pedal
EHX Big Muff Pi Pedal
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Name of Item: Boss Hyper Metal HM-3

Who It Is Made By: uhh...Boss

Features: A pretty simple pedal, has volume(level), High and Low(Color Mix), and Distortion

Cost: Mine was free, my bassist picked it up at a yard sale and gave it to me, it disroted his bass too much, but was beter for me than the DS-1, so we swapped. Also, the HM-3 is discontinued, so good luck finding one

Style of Music It Fits: As the name says, Metal

Why You Like It: Loads of distortion w/o ruining the sound, go for thrash and my style of hardcore metal. This is built like a tank, its friggin heavy metal, literally, its weighs alot for a pedal.

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the pro co turbo rat.

this is probably one of the kings of the solid state heavy distortion. this thing, if anything else, is incapable of light distortion. given that, it's great for metal, hard rock, and classic rock at low settings.

if lost, i'd buy something lighter, like an overdrive, as i don't generally use megadistortion. it's great for the metalhead in your life.

it's got 3 knobs, volume, distortion, and filter. filter acts like a tone control, but in reverse. with it all the way up, it sounds like you're palm muting it, and with it all the way down, the grind is crushing.
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andy stras
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Thumbs up

I found these fantastic Wyres electric strings when looking for PTFE coated strings.
I searched the net via google and found these on a UK site www.ukguitarstrings.co.uk when I was looking for a string that lasted longer, so i didn't need to change the damn things as often! These strings from Canada gave me a cheaper alternative to similar Elixir strings as they only cost me £5.95. Superb sustain and tone made me realise i had found a bargain.
No other strings i have tried on my epi Les Paul come close in tone or last as long.
Needless to say, i will be putting them on my other guitars when i need to change strings.
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Manic Subsidul
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Name of Item
Bad Horsie Wah

Who It Is Made By

Switchless Design
Regular input and output along with a 9v power supply
"Clear tone" buffer circuit ensures pure guitar tone and maintains signal level in bypass and wah mode
Set to Steve Vai's precise settings
Spring loaded

$100 USD used

Style of Music It Fits
I think that this thing could handle any type of music you put it through. I use it with high distortion for metal, but go right to clean for the Steve Vai sound.

Why You Like It
One reason is because you dont have to step down on it to activate it. Once you step on it it activates and once you step off it it shuts off. You can set it to shut off right awy or stay on for a couple of seconds. Also its spring loaded and personally that makes it easier to use. Also it boosts the volume slightly which is a good thing seeing as how i mostly use it for leads. I really like the balance between the bass, mid, and treble on it. Its not super trebely as i have found with the Crybaby's. It goes from a nice low bass to a high treble sound with some good mids inbetween. Also unlike other pedals you utilize about 9% of the foot position, 0-30% bass, 30-60% mid- 60- 90% Treble, 90-100% same treble.


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Name of Item: U-1011 (c.1971)
Who It Is Made By: Univox
Features: 105w, 4 inputs, 2 non-switchable channels (normal/bright), non-master volume, seperate volume for each channel, reverb, tremolo, tremolo intensity, treble, mids, presence, bass.
-Four 6L6GC's, three ECC83's, two ECC82's, one 6AN8 tubes
adjustable reverb level, no fx loop, four speaker out puts, 2/4/8 ohm dial
Cost: ~ $400-550 USD (used)
Style of Music It Fits: any classic rock, anything low to medium gain, cleans, overdrive, funk, classic distortion with OD pedal.
Why You Like It: This amp most resembles old Hiwatts, or non-master marshall's with less gain because its very loud with lots of headroom, runs silently with no noise at all, cool/unique looking exterior, can be a bass amp as well as guitar amp, jumpable inputs, MASSIVE transformers, completely hand-wired, sounds really trippy.....anymore questions? you can PM me.

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WANTED: Univox 8x10" Cabinet
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Name of Item

Powerball neon pro.

Who It Is Made By



A handheld gyroscope, slightly larger than a tennis ball. You work it by doing a circling motion with your wrist.

This is a great tool for strengthening your wrists, forearms, and fingers. Muscle speed is greatly increased, and it can tone ALL of the muscles in your arm and even some pectoral muscle, and other torso.


around £25

Style of Music It Fits

Anything, anyone who uses one of these for a month will see great improvements.

Why You Like It

increases picking speed, arm and muscle dexterity and endurance. highly addictive, and a fun way to improve your arm muscles

for more info, go to www.powerballs.com


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[IMG][/IMG] Boss- ME-50

The Pedals include all kinds of feature and effects that wont leeve u dissapoineted

It costs around 300$ but is well worth it.

Any style that you want it can fit the pedals can be ajusted to and style.

I like it because the pedals are the best sounding ive every herd they are also very useful for when my band is playing shows.
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Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser

I bought mine in Amsterdam for 80 Euros, which is about £55/$95, in a fantastic guitar shop called De Plug (if you're in Amsterdam it's well worth checking out, there's all sorts of obscure and vintage gear in there).

Basically, it's probably the simplest phaser you can buy. As you can see, it basically has one control, which is the rate control. It has an enormous range, from a cycle of about 15 seconds to a very fast Univibe-like sound.

The other switch is the Colour one, which is basically a very simple depth control. When it's down the effect is quite subtle (think David Gilmour's sound in Breathe or 'that riff' in Shine On You Crazy Diamond), putting it up gives a very pronounced phasing effect.

What style of music will it fit? Anything that you'd use a phaser in. You can go from hard phasing sounds to subtle swirls to a Univibe/Leslie speaker type sound with ease. It works on other instruments too - Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead uses one on his keyboards.

What do I like about it? It's rugged and simple. It's built like a tank, and the footswitch feels quite solid underfoot and there's a satisfying 'Clunk!' when you press it down, not like the flimsy footswitches of the same style that you get on amp controllers and Marshall pedals. And surprisingly for an Electro-Harmonix pedal it doesn't take up too much pedal board real-estate - it's a bit smaller than 2 Boss pedals placed side to side. I haven't gigged with it yet but I doubt it will let me down.

My only quip is that you need a specific Electro-Harmonix power supply to power it from the mains, which I haven't been able to track down yet, and to change the batteries you need to unscrew the baseplate, which means speedy battery changes at gigs are a no-go.

If you want a jack-of-all-trades phaser that does everything and then some, get a Boss one. If you just want a simple phaser with no bells and whistles and your budget won't stretch to a Phase 90, this is the way to go.

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Name of Item Boss CH-1 Super chorus
Who It Is Made By Boss
Features It has standard Level knob which obviously conrols the volume of the Fx, then it has the EQ which controls the HI-LOW sound. Theres the Rate wich controls rate of the "swirl, and last but not least it has the Depth which controls the...er...depth.
Cost $100 CAD
Style of Music It Fits Anything.
Why You Like It I like it alot! It can fit any style and on the clean setting it sounds amazing. With an SD-1 its has that rich tone that we all crave. Sure it can take a while to get the exact tone you want, but once you do, it can sound amazing.


Originally Posted by kevinm4435 to some guy
hey d00d i herd u dont like shred u r a genius 4 thinkin dat. all shred is fukin lame wit no soul u no wat im sayin??
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piece o' pi
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Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi (USA)

Name of Item- Big Muff Pi (USA)
Who It Is Made By-Electro Harmonix
Features- volume (sets output) , tone (range of tones between bass and treble),sustain (sets sustain/gain) knobs
Cost- 69 euros
Style of Music It Fits
This pedal is great for almost everything exept for metal, if you want metal buy the metal muff. this pedal is most known for 70s style rock and modern rock/grunge. In the Electro Harmonix manual it says that this pedal is used by Henderix, but its not because its made in 1972 and Hendrix died before that.
Why You Like It i like this pedal because its very versatile, despite from what other people say. i can get a range of sounds from a fat bluesy overdrive to an all out fuzz.

also check out the gearwire video (at the bottom of the text.) :

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Zoom G1X
This is an excellent multi-effects pedal and is great value for money. You get amazing sounding distortion and clean tones plus many, many more interesting effects. Unlinke the G1, there is an expression pedal which can control wah effects, distortion level and many other things. I got this online for only $73.00 which is great and I use it for rehearsing, recording and live playing. It's also a great size as well, despite the expression pedal and the stomp buttons can sure take a punch. 10/10
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Name of Item: Black Gold Jazz 1.14 mm
Who It Is Made By: Dunlop
Features: The Dunlop Black Gold pick series are practically the same as their Tortex series, however there are some slight refinements. Firstly, they are made of a smoother-feeling black material with a goldish-yellow print rather than black. The small size of the Jazz model allows for maximum control over every single note you hit. The concept of the Tortex plastic is very interesting. Many years ago, and still, sometimes, even nowadays, guitarists were exceedingly fond of picks made from tortoise shells. They had brilliant attack, were very dynamic, and were very strong as well. However, as animal rights activists would have it, people had to stop poaching these creatures to use their shells as picks. Dunlop set out to produce a plastic that not only modeled the responsiveness and attack of old-fashioned tortoiseshell picks, but was much cheaper to produce as well. The result was Tortex plastic, one of the most widely used plectrum materials in the world.
Cost: $0.60 CDN
Style of Music It Fits: Absolutely anything and everything you could possibly use a pick for. I play mainly Metal, and it's wonderful for chunky chugging rhythms as well as searing progressive and technical leads.
Why You Like It: They are very dynamic picks. It's one of those things that grows on you. At first I had trouble keeping a hold on the pick and maintaining good control over my notes. However, with a little bit of use, i grew accustomed to the point that i can't use any other kind of pick. Nothing compares to the dynamic attack and comfort of a Black Gold tortex pick, and they're beautiful picks as well. I highly advise that you pick them up if you can.

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Jackson JS30KE
Fender Strat
Takamine G530S
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Mahalo USG30/OR
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Brand X X15R
Fender FM212R
Boss TU2, CE5, AC2, MD2
Danelectro Pepperoni
Line6 DL4
Ernie Ball VP
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Name of Item: BOSS ODB-3 Bass OverDrive
Who It Is Made By: BOSS
Features: 2 Band EQ, Level, Gain, and Balance controls.
Cost: $89.99 (USD)
Style of Music It Fits: Hardcore, Drum and Bass, Metal, I have gotten many uses out of it and I am in an ambient band, it is great for build-ups and for holding notes.
Why You Like It: I first bought this pedal for the song Around the World by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I loved that effect and I thought that I could really do a lot with it. Since then, I have used this pedal for hardcore and more recently ambient music. It really brings out the lows on my Jbass after some tweaking with the EQ. My only complaint about it is that the fuzz of the OverDrive is very hard to do and takes a lot of settings adjustment to get. I definitely recommend this for a bassist with a wide variety of styles. Definitely a great BOSS pedal!
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Location: Châteauguay,Qc,CANADA
Name of Item: GA40
Who It Is Made By: Korg
Features: Output, tunes 6-7 string guitar, tunes 4-5-6 string basse, sound out, can drop 5 b
Cost: about $20 cnd
Style of Music It Fits: any
Why You Like It: it's very accurate and it's not jumpy like other tuners i've used
Attached Images

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Vox Clyde McCoy wah pedal (V848)

Features- On/Off switch, DC jack, true bypass.

Cost- Goes from £120 to £150, I haggled mine down to £100.

It fits 60's stuff, (Hendrix, Clapton etc) blues/classic rock amazingly, it's made for this sort of stuff.

I love it because it's perfect for me and what I play, huge smooth sweep and goes great with light gain.

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my thingy is the Digitech DF-7 Distortion factory
so, this thing has got 7 different pedal models built in:
-Ibanez TS-9
-DOD Overdrive/Preamp 250
-Boss DS-1
-Pro Co Rat
-Boss Metal Zone
-Digitech Metal Master
-Electroharmonix Big Muff Pi

With the right tinkering, you can get any of these to sound pretty good
not as good as the originals, but oh well
it cost $99 american
I like it because i can get a buncha different sounds out of it, and its a hell of a lot cheaper than getting all them pedals
but if i could go back in time, i'd probably avoid it, and get something less...i dunno how to put it.
it sounds kinda processed and boring after a while
plus, it isnt very loud, unless you turn up the highs and mids, which is rather dissapointing...

i dunno
I would reccomend it, if you get it used, cause $99 was a little bit much
yeah, i've got gear too...
squier strat
squier tele
Ibanez rg4ex
Boss DS-1
Morely Bad Horsie Wah
Digitech Hot Head
Boss GE-7
Zoom G1X
Mesa Boogie 5:50 Express
Vox AD50vt

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You guys should all invest in a dunlop straplock. believe me, investing 13 dollars now can save you from costly repairs and even replacements later on down the road. also, if youare considering a wah pedal, dont buy the original crybabies, they suck. But either the slash crybaby, the vox clyde mccoy, or the budwah. They have much better sweep and don't make you sound like a poser who just wants a wah pedal so they can say they have wah pedal. I would suggest the Budwah simply because it is all handwired point-to-point, engineered in the US and is built like a tank.

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Namo of Product M-Audio Black box

Made by M-Audio

Features Amp Modeling, Beat-synced effects, Onboard Drum machine, USB audio interface comes with ableton live

Style of music Can be used for anything really good if you want to do recording has the built in drum machine has a range of effects built in many diiferent amp models from vox ac30 to jcm2000 models

Cost £100 from soundcontrol

Problems None really the only thing is you cannot buy the optional footpedal In the UK so if you need to be able to control this with your feet this might not be for you
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