Dominant Suspended Chords

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Dominant Suspended Chords
Even though we might not find the Dominant 7 Suspended Chord used within every section of every song, it is actually quite popular in general. And, that's not just in specialized musical styles like modal jazz. This chord can be found used in everything from; modern pop, in country-western songs, in big-band jazz music, in pop jazz, and in jazz fusion, plus you'll find it in rap, top-40, classic rock, as well as, many other styles. The thing is, it's use is generally quite, "one-off." We don't often "groove" on it! This, (getting it into rhythm guitar /groove), is the main reason that many guitar players typically face issues with this chord type. It's problematic use centers around getting it to groove well in various harmonic situations. The chord is dissonant, and will tend to function as either a way to end a section, or as a way to generate instability. So, to use this chord in your own music, start by becoming fully aware of the music theory /chord theory associated to this chord. You'll also need to have a good familiarity with several chord voicings /patterns on the guitar neck. And, it is also useful to have the ability to be able to create both composed and improvised single-note melody lines under it too. In the video, I begin by taking a look at the basic theory involved with creating dominant suspended chords. After that, we'll head over to the guitar to run through some practical chord shapes. Afterward, I will demonstrate a few single-note line melody concepts on the neck as well. Watch the video lesson below:
Head over to My Website and download the free PDF handout with all of the examples in TAB, as well as, a free MP3 Jam-Track for this guitar lesson.
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