Open and Closed Voiced Triads

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Open and Closed Voiced Triads
In this lesson, we take a look at closed voiced triads on the top 3 strings, open voiced triads, a method for learning new chord voices and how to make licks out of open voice triads. Remember the diatonic triads in a major key have these qualities. I MA - ii mi - iii mi - IV MA - V MA - vi mi - Vii Dim Triad formulas:
MA:  1, 3,  5 
mi:  1, b3, 5 
Dim: 1, b3, b5
Root Position - Tonic / root note in bass 1st inversion - 3rd in bass 2nd inversion - 5th in base When learning a new chord voice, be conscious of where the tonic or root note is, and harmonize that note diatonically on the same string.
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