Palm Muting Power Chords With Accented Rhythms

author: Coda Guitar date: 10/19/2012 category: for beginners
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Palm Muting Power Chords With Accented Rhythms
To get the most out of this lesson it would be good to make sure you can play basic 2 note power chords. These are most often played with the root notes of the chords on strings 5 or 6. You can either play these as open power chords or as fretted power chords where you normally use fingers 1 and 3 to fret the notes. Palm muting technique isn't covered in too much detail here as there is another separate lesson on this. Post a comment underneath if you want to find out more about playing power chords or basic palm muting and I'll find the best lessons to share. The video uses an easy chord sequence so you can focus on developing the strumming hand accenting technique: E5(open) / / / G5 / / / A5 / / / G5 / / / Have fun :)
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