Practice Tips For Beginner Guitar Students

author: Creative Guitar date: 02/26/2013 category: for beginners
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Practice Tips For Beginner Guitar Students
In this video I will discuss a simple idea of expanding outward from information and techniques that are already known to students. What is the benefit of thinking like this? Well, when beginners are developing their ability for a wide assortment of techniques, (plus learning a ton of new concepts), it can often feel as if they are getting nowhere! And, that is not a great place to be! So, I'd like to begin with something very simple. Within the first month of playing guitar, beginners will often learn the open position; C, D and G chords. The philosophy of this approach is to develop guitar skills faster, and have more fun. Generally, beginners find it easier to branch out of those very things which they already fully understand, (such as open position chords). If beginners can hold within the nature of the material that they already fully grasp, and then expand with a similar version of that same material, this style of learning can be extremely helpful to them. In the video, I zoom in on the neck and discuss a number of ways for expanding from those basic open position chords of; C, D and G. The exercises, (with on-screen tab), will move into other fun, manageable and interesting directions for beginner guitar practice of the C, D and G harmony. Watch the video to find out more:
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