The First Lessons: Flat/Sharp 7 And 5 Chords Barre II

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Hello guitarists ;) let's continue with our lesson: ... Sharp/Flat chords Sharp means one half step (= fret) higher. Flat means one half step (= fret) lower. So, it isn't a big deal at all. You have to options: a) Learn the specific chord --> boring b) Build a barre chord on the note --> explained first lesson e.g. A sharp 1) Finding A sharp on one of the first 2 strings E|-6-| 2) Build Barre on it
E|-6-| <-- here is the base note!
Asharp major ... 7-chords 7-chords are really easy if you use barre chords. You simply just leave pinky! Some examples of major chords (E-string)
E|--3---5----------------| <-- here is the base note!
    G7  a7       b7 C7
where # is --> no pinky! ... 5-chords a.k.a. "power chords" These chords are very easy (they can be played in many octaves):
    C5  D5  E5  F5  G5 / E5  F5  G5  A5
The fingers you use are Index, Ring Finger and Pinky (in this order from lowest to highest). I know, it's easier to use Index, Middle Finger and Ring Finger, but it will not sound as clean as the other way. IMPORTANT NOTE: When you play guitar (not chords, but melodies) train your pinky as well! By just using i,m and r only, you won't be very fast in the long term. ... I'm not sure if I will go deeper into the chord theory because this is a beginner lesson. Probably I will continue with melodies and solos; how to read them, play them and train them. After that you will know what alternate picking, economic picking, sweet picking and hybrid picking is. ;) Have fun and be patient! Playing guitar is not like Plug&Play, it's a learning process which NEVER STOPS! Continue and be patient to keep the process running :) The next part will be a little longer and will explain the different techniques of picking (fingerstyle, hybrid, alternate, economic and sweep) and will explain Drop Tunings a bit more. your Martin Messner :)
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