Basic Fingerpicking Patterns

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Basic Fingerpicking Patterns
Fingerpicking Patterns: The pattern approach with finger picking allows players to learn one group of plucking hand movements, and then take that series of movements over into other chords. This concept quickly establishes a way of covering an entire set of chord changes for a progression. In fact, there are many songwriters, in; folk, country, and even rock who use this method to compose their songs. Watch the Video Lesson on YouTube to learn a few patterns:
Once a finger picked string-set pattern has been established, (and it becomes well rehearsed), the pattern can be used across a set of chord changes to quickly compose an; intro, verse, or bridge section of a song. It can even be combined with other finger patterns to compose an entire musical piece. In the video lesson I teach a selection of popular finger style patterns for playing over several common chord types. Visit My Web-site to download the FREE PDF handout and MP3 Jam-Track for this guitar lesson. Sincerely, Andrew Wasson Creative Guitar Studio
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