Developing Bend Control

author: Creative Guitar date: 04/18/2014 category: guitar techniques
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Developing Bend Control
Creating well controlled bends are often a challenge for practicing guitar players. The three primary bend types can be difficult to execute with perfect tone and pitch. In the video I use several examples to help demonstrate how with practice; Full, Half and Quarter-step bends can be rehearsed up to a very comfortable level of skill.

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website...

Q). After playing guitar for 6 years now, (and dabbling in soloing recently) my big problem is bending. Is there some daily bending practice tips that you could suggest to maybe help me? My bends aren't relaxed and smooth. Especially 1/2 step bends, I always over-bend those. I'd like my bends to sound more even. Can you share some examples of how I can practice bending smoother? 
Neil - Annapolis, Maryland USA

A). Guitar Players will work very hard at developing their phrasing devices, (bends, slides, legato, vibrato). But bending technique can be one of those techniques where guitarists become very picky. Bends offer an extremely human side to our melodies and improvisations. They create space, and produce a lot of emotion. As for the famous guitarists, their signature sounding bends offer us (as listeners) a reflection of their personality too. It is very important to work at the smoothness, the correct pitch and the overall control of your bend technique. Most importantly, work at copying how your favorite guitar players will bend notes. Work toward making your bends sound as close as physically possible to all of the guitar bending licks that you're trying to copy.

Watch the Lesson:

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