Extended Arpeggios - Sweeping Outside the Box

author: KevinGoetz date: 01/23/2014 category: guitar techniques
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Extended Arpeggios - Sweeping Outside the Box
When most people start learning sweep picking, they learn a major or minor shape and play it to death. They practice until that shape is clean and fast, and then decide they're good at sweeping. I'm inclined to disagree with this assessment, because there are some far more interesting things we could be playing if we look beyond that basic, repetitive box shape.

In some ways, these things may actually use a completely different set of left-hand motions than the ones we train for the box shapes, which explains in part why so few guitarists go down the road of learning licks like these. I've heard maybe three or four guitarists play what sounds like this sort of thing, but the only one I've bothered to confirm is Jeff Loomis. Still, three or four people out of the countless shredders I've listened to is a pretty sad number.

The idea we're looking at here focuses on the idea that the notes of arpeggios are found in countless places across the neck, actually treating them like chord tones instead of just another boxed-up arpeggio shape.

To hear the lick, get a tab, and see some other ideas I haven't mentioned here, check out the following video:

Thanks for reading/watching! Enjoy, and stay tuned for more.
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