The Amazing & Mystical Win of the Spanish Phrygian Scale

author: UG Team date: 09/24/2013 category: guitar techniques
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The Amazing & Mystical Win of the Spanish Phrygian Scale
Firstly... What is Spanish Phrygian? It's essentially a branch of harmonic minor, but I like to this of it as a slightly augmented Phrygian scale. All you're doing is taking the 3rd note of a Phrygian (minor) scale and raising it a semi tone (1 fret). E Phrygian: E F G A B C D E

E Spanish Phrygian: E F G# (raised 3rd) A B C D E

This sounds so cool because you've got the evilness of the semi tone interval between the root and the 2nd but there's a major third which is kinda happy and exotic too. See the tab below for a straight "E" Spanish Phrygian descend.

Once this settles in you'll find yourself using it to spice up riffs, interesting bridge sections and solos. You can also jump between pentatonics, Mixolydian feels and diminished arpeggios with this scale, if the chord progression and context are right. Happy evil and exotic shredding!

By Chris Zoupa
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