music styles:
Swinging Cowboy - Hybrid Picking and Soloing Scales
In the tune "Swinging Cowboy" I'll show the melody with hybrid picking and the scales to use in the soloing.

POSTED: 02/11/2015 - 09:46 am

Hybrid Picking in Blues Style
Here's a lesson in hybrid picking in a bluesy style.

POSTED: 01/21/2015 - 07:34 am

Operation Shred Guitar: Shredasaurus Rex!
In this lesson I will teach parts of a shred etude I wrote called "OMGZ! It's a Shredasaurus Rex!," and go into detail about how I crafted the licks in it.

POSTED: 01/20/2015 - 05:25 am

Metal Harmony and Chord Structure
In this lesson I am going to discuss different ways to go about composing/creating/thinking about functional harmony for the "metal" genre, including little tips and tricks to help connect your chords.

POSTED: 11/26/2014 - 11:30 am

Skankin' USA: 'Skank' Guitar Playing
Yes, I did rip off the Beach Boys with the title of this lesson... did I get our attention? Read this lesson if you want to learn how to play ska guitar like the greats of third wave ska!

POSTED: 11/07/2014 - 10:28 am

Types of Metal Vocals + How to Do Them
I'm going to explain the different types of metal vocal styles and how to do them, plus dos and don'ts.

POSTED: 10/07/2014 - 10:03 am

Sus2 (Add9) Chords - Metal Rhythm Guitar Basics
This mistakenly-labeled chord is perhaps the most commonly used chord in all of progressive metal.

POSTED: 10/07/2014 - 09:52 am

Pedal-Point Riffs: Metal Rhythm Guitar Basics
A summary of one of the fundamental techniques used in playing metal rhythm guitar.

POSTED: 09/17/2014 - 09:34 am

Melodic Hardcore 101
Teaching the basics to writing and understanding behind melody driven hardcore music.

POSTED: 08/27/2014 - 08:52 am

Early Motown - Rhythm Guitar with Andrew Wasson
In this lesson I break down the popular guitar chord voicings, a few common rhythm patterns, and how the chords are mixed together harmonically in the style of Early Motown music.

POSTED: 07/09/2014 - 10:18 am

Metalcore Lesson 1
Here is a lesson on metalcore - for drop D and D# kinda stuff. It's just basic easy stuff really so I won't make it too difficult.

POSTED: 01/23/2014 - 10:05 am

How to Play Reggae
Here are some tips that should help you master the art of reggae guitar playing.

POSTED: 12/27/2013 - 04:28 am

How to Write Progressive Metal - Part 7: Tempo Changes
How to execute smooth, natural-sounding tempo changes.

POSTED: 08/22/2013 - 09:40 am

How to Write Progressive Metal - Part 6: The Art of Transitions
In this lesson, we'll discuss how to transition into and out of different time signatures and tempos without jarring your listener's attention.

POSTED: 08/14/2013 - 09:34 am

Playing for the Song: R&B Style
In general, playing guitar parts that are highly inventive and tap directly into chord harmonies is a true musical gift. And, one style that captures the very essence of this concept is, Soul/Rhythm and Blues.

POSTED: 07/15/2013 - 10:06 am

Guitar-Based Pop Music
The musical style of Guitar-Based Pop has pretty near dominated the charts for decades now. This has created a huge class of music that encompass a vast array of; guitar sounds, compositional methods and recording techniques.

POSTED: 05/02/2013 - 08:18 am

Introduction To The World Of Metal Pt.1
Real simple techniques and tips for playing generic metal. Parts 2, 3 and for are coming soon!

POSTED: 01/22/2013 - 08:08 am

Mozart Metal
Mozart's "Turkish March", also known as "Rondo Alla Turca", is full of lively classical melodies that are great to play on distorted electric guitar!

POSTED: 12/03/2012 - 07:33 am

Moonlight Sonata Guitar Lesson
Moonlight Sonata is one of Beethoven's greatest compositions. Learn the haunting melodies of this song arranged for fingerstyle acoustic guitar.

POSTED: 11/13/2012 - 07:08 am

Bob Marley: 'Is This Love' Guitar Lesson
How to play the intro guitar riff & chords for the chorus and verse.

POSTED: 10/17/2012 - 10:01 am

Bob Marley: 'Stir It Up' Guitar Lesson With Wah Pedal
The Wah guitar pedal can be used for the rhythm guitar part that Bob Marley plays by pressing your fott all the way down on your wah pedal.

POSTED: 09/18/2012 - 10:38 am

Trve Kvlt Black Metal
I have seen way to many Black Metal 'lessons' written by people who obviously do NOT know about this incredible genre beyond the information of the Inner Circle on Wikipedia. So, I've decided to write a lesson on the grimmest of metal know to man... THE DARK AND DESOLATE AWAITS!

POSTED: 08/31/2012 - 10:08 am

How To Incorporate Dubstep Elements Into A Rock Song
A step by step guideline to help inspire musicians how to come up with tasteful arrangements for writing Rock music that incorporates elements of Dubstep.

POSTED: 07/30/2012 - 07:59 am

Writing Riffs In Metal
For beginners: some theory basics and technic application examples over famous songs.

POSTED: 06/18/2012 - 08:41 am

Death Metal Composition Techniques
In this lesson, we approach techniques and theory to build Death Metal licks and riffs.

POSTED: 11/14/2011 - 07:28 am

Every Four Frets
A look at some of the basics of diminished neoclassical shred guitar. Brief lesson.

POSTED: 09/16/2011 - 02:41 am

Texas Blues Licks. Episode I
In this lesson I will share some licks I have in my arsenal that I have learned from many SRV songs such as "Texas Flood" and "Couldn't Stand the Weather."

POSTED: 08/18/2011 - 03:26 am

Nick's Jazz Series. Part 3
The saga continues...

POSTED: 08/02/2011 - 02:54 am

Nick's Jazz Series. Part 2
The saga continues!

POSTED: 07/28/2011 - 03:32 am

Nick's Jazz Series. Part 1
Part 1 of this series deals w/ the diatonic 7th chords in Major (Ionian) & Minor (Aeolian) modes.

POSTED: 07/26/2011 - 04:17 am

Boxes Riffs And How To Improvise In The Flamenco/Spanish Style
In my first lesson I will show you the E phrygian scale and some riffs to get you started on writing your own!

POSTED: 06/02/2011 - 02:52 am

Black Metal Lesson. Part 2
Yeah! Yeah! I know lesson 1 was as bone basic as it comes but consequently, it was the first lesson though. So it kind of makes sense in that regards lol.

POSTED: 04/04/2011 - 02:28 am

Black Metal Lesson. Part 1
Black Metal basics.

POSTED: 04/04/2011 - 02:28 am

Death Metal
A introduction to A few styles of deathmetal and some of the basic techniques used.

POSTED: 02/11/2011 - 03:34 am

4 String Open G Banjo On The Guitar
Here I explain and give example's of how to transcribe 4 string banjo tabs to quickly play on guitar. With this you can play your favorite banjo songs on guitar or come up with finger picks to bluegrass/country songs such a Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. If bluegrass isn't your thing, you can still get some new chords out of it to add to your dictionary.

POSTED: 12/20/2010 - 06:45 am

Metal Core Riffing For Beginners
How to boost your creativity on metal core riffing.

POSTED: 12/17/2010 - 06:46 am

Balinese/Javanese Etnic Music Style. Part 1

POSTED: 10/18/2010 - 10:47 am

Hardcore At A Glance
A history, chord progressions, sound and noise.

POSTED: 08/18/2010 - 06:27 am

Good Metalcore Lesson
Basic chord structures and riffs.

POSTED: 08/16/2010 - 07:51 am

Basic Classical Style
A Very Basic opening on what to expect in Classical Guitar Music and Piecies.

POSTED: 06/30/2010 - 07:01 am

How To Play Deathcore. Part II
Hi! In this one I will be covering some of the more advanced techniques. Read lesson one first.

POSTED: 04/30/2010 - 04:58 am

How To Play Deathcore
Okay, I've looked into it, and here are some tips on playing, and examples/scales. I have written a lot, so sorry about that, but I would rather be thorough and write something worth reading.

POSTED: 04/27/2010 - 06:23 am

3rd's 7th's A New Rhythm Approach
A new approach to playing rhythm guitar. This lesson is to expand fretboard knowledge and help players think "outside the box" in regards to playing chords. This idea works for blues, jazz, and funk.

POSTED: 02/04/2010 - 08:14 am

Heavy F--ing Metal. Part 5
The minor scale, some seventh chord arpeggio ideas, and some exotic scales to play around with.

POSTED: 01/11/2010 - 08:48 am

Heavy F--ing Metal. Part 4
Sweeping, arpeggios, basic chord construction, other stuff that doesn't suck.

POSTED: 12/22/2009 - 07:06 am

Easy 3-Note Blues Chords
An easy way to play dominant 7th chords -- by omitting the 5 note.

POSTED: 12/17/2009 - 08:08 am

Heavy F--ing Metal. Part 3
New rhythm stuff, and clearing up some wrong old stuff.

POSTED: 12/14/2009 - 08:28 am

Heavy F--ing Metal. Part 2.5
Clearing up a terrible mistake I made.

POSTED: 12/14/2009 - 08:21 am

Heavy F--ing Metal. Part Two
Getting into some basic scales and theory, because even for metal, it's important to know some basic theory.

POSTED: 12/07/2009 - 09:29 am

Heavy F--ing Metal. Part One
From your first power chord death metal to metalcore to nu metal to deathcore to whatever other brand of heavy music you want to know the ins and outs of.

POSTED: 11/26/2009 - 07:41 am

Metalcore - The Basics. Part 3
Metal music and Hardcore have mixed together over the years to bring this subgenre called Metalcore.

POSTED: 10/12/2009 - 09:14 am

Neoclassical Shred Guitar
This is a lesson on how to play guitar like the many great shred guitarists, like yngwie and jason becker, etc. I will break down the key components of it and explain them, and leave you with a practice song at the end.

POSTED: 07/08/2009 - 07:58 am

Shred Guitar Speed Picking And Sweep Picking
This is a lesson on how to gain better speed and sweep picking ability.

POSTED: 05/29/2009 - 07:51 am

Basics Of Black Metal
About black metal style and playing black metal.

POSTED: 04/23/2009 - 07:42 am

Indian Carnatic Classical Music. Part 2
It contains a song written in the classical indian way.

POSTED: 04/22/2009 - 07:51 am

Basic Bluegrass Guitar
A Basic guide to Bluegrass Guitar.

POSTED: 04/08/2009 - 07:59 am

Fat Off Metal
Wanna play Metal like a professional... Too bad. Only joking. Here I'll just teach you a few techniques to get you started.

POSTED: 04/08/2009 - 07:35 am

Blues In E
Puts a little flare while playing blues in E. **you need to know a little about scales and chords**

POSTED: 03/26/2009 - 10:00 am

Ultimate Lessons: DADGAD. Part I
In this lesson, I will cover the basics of DADGAD and prepare you for parts two and three of my DADGAD series.

POSTED: 01/08/2009 - 03:41 am

Fast Crunchy Just How I Like It
Ever wanted to know how to play up-beat thrash rhythms or vintage-style metal. If so, then this is the column for you!

POSTED: 12/11/2008 - 09:36 am

Indian Classical Carnatic Music. Part 1
A basic Introduction to a form of Indian classical music played in south India.

POSTED: 10/14/2008 - 08:57 am

Flamenco Latin
Learn how to play like Rodrigo Y Gabriela!

POSTED: 10/14/2008 - 06:13 am

Easy Pie Blues Rythum.
An easy beginner blues rythum lessions. Guanranteed to make your baby love you. Easy Pie Blues.

POSTED: 10/13/2008 - 10:25 am

Metalcore Rythm Riffing
I'm gonna give you some examples to help you improve your rythm chops, and some riffing/filling skills. This is not only applied to Metalcore, but it is most often used here.

POSTED: 10/07/2008 - 10:12 am

Metal - It Comes From Hell
Ozzy breaks away from Sabbath and starts his own solo project, Iron Maiden shows up in the 80s along with Bathory and whatnot. So begins the endless maze of subgenres that is metal.

POSTED: 10/07/2008 - 10:07 am

Metal: The Next Step
How to take your metal/rock playing up a level, and learn some handy little exercises.

POSTED: 10/06/2008 - 10:58 am

Heavy Metal
In the lesson I will show some metal Riffs and explain the techniques behind them.

POSTED: 10/01/2008 - 05:04 am

How To Play Ska
Everything the guitarist and bassist need to know about ska.

POSTED: 09/16/2008 - 08:56 am

Punk Rock Music II
In this lesson I will try to explain some of the basics of playing punk rock.

POSTED: 08/13/2008 - 07:48 am

Country Music. Lead Licks
In this lesson, I'll be walking you through some fast country licks. This lesson was designed for guitarists that are already have a bit of speed in their fingers. For those of you that do have a little bit of speed, you will probably enjoy this lesson and find it easy as none of these exercises require you to use a metronome.

POSTED: 08/13/2008 - 07:35 am

Neo-Classical Metal Music
A guide to the genre that is Neo-Classical metal.

POSTED: 10/03/2007 - 07:32 am

Beginners Guide To Playing Hardcore
This will give you a brief description on how you can make hardcore music with melody, on guitar.

POSTED: 05/25/2007 - 01:10 pm

Ska Music
This is my attempted at teaching people how to play ska. I will be discussing everything relevant from basic stumming, to the more complex intricacies of ska guitar.

POSTED: 05/16/2007 - 02:45 pm

Beginners Guide To Playing Black Metal
This lesson is here just because there are no black metal guitar tutorials anywhere on the unholy network called the Internet.

POSTED: 10/03/2006 - 07:22 am

Metalcore Music. Part 2 - Harmony
Some basic harmony theory and some metalcore genre examples.

POSTED: 09/22/2006 - 04:36 am

Metalcore Music. Part 1 - The Beginning
Metalcore tone, tuning, anatomy of a metalcore song and plenty of examples for you to get better.

POSTED: 09/15/2006 - 09:37 am

Art Rock. Part 2 - Harmonic Concepts
This lesson will go more in depth about what was learned in part 1. In this lesson, metric and harmonic modulation will be covered as well as some harmonic concepts.

POSTED: 09/05/2006 - 09:23 am

Art Rock. Part 1 - Progressive Concepts
This lesson will teach you how to compose and play "art rock." You will learn basic progressive chords, scales, rhythm patterns, odd time signatures, and the music theory behind it all.

POSTED: 06/15/2006 - 09:35 am

Punk Rock Music II
The ultimate quide to playing punk rock like bands like Green Day, The All-American Rejects, and Fall Out Boy.

POSTED: 06/09/2006 - 09:20 am

Blues In Depth
Wanna' learn about the blues? This lesson is an in-depth experience behind the mechanics of the blues. It should take you from beginner blues, to night-club playing in no-time!

POSTED: 09/25/2005 - 10:57 am

Funk Music
Want to learn how to play the soulful style of Funk on the guitar? You're in the right place. This lesson is a beginner lesson on how to get yourself on the right foot for funky rhythmic guitar.

POSTED: 08/02/2005 - 04:40 am

The Ultimate Metal Guide
Metal guide to writing sweet music! Correction of Metalcore and Hardcore Music.

POSTED: 07/01/2005 - 05:47 am

Beginners Guide To Playing Punk
A brief overview of basic punk to get budding guitarists started in the genre.

POSTED: 05/18/2005 - 08:04 am

Blues Scales And Progressions
Learn how to apply blues scales to simple soloing, and how to play the 12 bar blues progression.

POSTED: 05/18/2005 - 07:50 am

Punk Rock Music
Guitar playing in real Punk Rock style.

POSTED: 04/12/2005 - 09:24 am

Jazz Lessons. Part 1 - The Beginning
The first of a series of articles devoted to guitarists that are new to and feel overwhelmed by jazz.

POSTED: 03/09/2005 - 09:18 am

Metalcore And Hardcore Music
This lesson is to help all of you metalcore/hardcore music lovers who want to get a cored band started but don't quite understand the logic behind the music style.

POSTED: 02/10/2005 - 11:06 am

Heavy Metal Style - The Basics II
Learn some basics of heavy metal.

POSTED: 02/10/2005 - 10:50 am

Heavy Metal Examples
Some exercises and examples which help you to play Heavy Metal.

POSTED: 09/23/2004 - 06:44 am

Blues Chords
A look at the chords used in playing blues, and an easy way to play them, and progressing through.

POSTED: 07/15/2004 - 05:43 am

Ska Basics
What you need to know to get a basic feel and understanding of ska music.

POSTED: 04/01/2004 - 05:31 am

Different Music Styles
After reading this you will be able to play licks by some of the greatest guitar players ever!

POSTED: 12/15/2003 - 07:18 am

Killer Heavy Metal Method For Beginners To Intermediate
Looking to play metal or brush up on your technique and soloing? Your gonna want to get familiar with a stiffer action as opposed to the sloppy mess that a lot of Nu-metal bands are into.

POSTED: 12/15/2003 - 07:14 am

Fingerpicking Twelve Bar Blues
This are two versions of a fingerpicking twelve bar blues which use pedal point notes along with the chords.

POSTED: 11/24/2003 - 04:48 am

Jazz Improvisation And Soloing
The single most important thing to know when you're soloing is what key you are in. In most rock songs, the key will stay the same at least the length of the solo, if not the whole song. Jazz, however, has this little habit of often changing keys every measure or two, sometimes, a few times per measure, so the scale you're playing from could start sounding pretty wierd pretty fast.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Metal Progressions
The lesson about soloing over metal progressions. Describes metal chord progressions with unusual chord movement.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Jazz Chords And Progressions
The purpose of this page is to give the curious guitar player some insight of a few different ways to look at what they do with guitar.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Heavy Metal Tutorial
First off, an explanation of heavy metal and nu metal. Heavy metal is hard to describe. It's pretty fast music with a lot of distortion (most of the time), lots of power chords, palm muting mixed with not palm muting, and all in all, a really thick sound.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Metal Lesson For Beginners
You'll learn some basic stuff before you get started to play metal music.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Fundamentals Of Metal
There's a reason that you picked this lesson and it is so that you can LEARN Metal, Heavy Metal, Classic Metal, Nu-Metal, Death Metal, Techno Metal anything mixed with metal!

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Heavy Metal Style - The Basics
This lesson should introduce you to some of the more common chords used in heavy metal guitar.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Boogie Music
Young players often assume that the fewer chords there are in a tune, the easier it is to play. This is true only on the level of fretboard shape shifting.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Country Music
Nice country music licks, tricks and turnarounds.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Blues Lessons. Part 5 - Practice
A couple of blues scales to play.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Blues Lessons. Part 3 - Blues Scales
You`ll learn a ouple of blues licks.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Blues Lessons. Part 4 - Blues Turnarounds
You'll learn blues turnarounds.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Texas Shuffle
Introduction to texas shuffle.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Blues Lessons. Part 2 - Blues Licks
You`ll learn blues scale and 12 bar blues.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Blues Lessons. Part 1 - Blues Ear
Help you "to open blues ear".

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Basic Blues. Part 3 - Blues Notes
The lesson about blue notes, passing tones and bending.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

12 Bar Blues
The open blues scale and 12 bar blues.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Basic Blues. Part 1 - 12-Bar Blues Form
Starting with a look at the basic 12-bar blues form, familiar to almost any guitarist.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am

Basic Blues. Part 2 - Blues Scale
Those who want to play blues, should know the blues scale. Here you`ll find all about blues scale and tonality.

POSTED: 07/31/2003 - 07:16 am