3 Note Per String Penatonics With Flat 5

author: Chris Zoupa date: 08/08/2014 category: soloing
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3 Note Per String Penatonics With Flat 5

I was having a gentlemanly shred the other day whilst trying "get out of the box," but was still trying to maintain that bluesy "flat 5" sound.

I've notice Dimebag Darrell uses some really cool and stretchy shapes to create a pentatonic sound that's still very innovative and non-boxey.

This exercise I devised is in the key of "E" minor and we'll be working a 3 note per string pattern using the "E" minor pentatonic with the flat 5 (E G A Bb B D) spanning 3 octaves. We'll be starting each octave from the flat 5 (which in this key is "Bb"). 

This exercise is obviously usable in multiple keys for solo writing or just improvising. Starting from the flat 5 isn't the most conventional place to start a lead line but can be cool and attention grabbing. You'll notice the exercise has a descend in the second half working down a pretty conventional pentatonic box shape. This allows you to jump between quirky/abrasive passages and straight meat and veg pentatonic bluesy rock.

Hope you guys dig this and can implement it into your playing!

Happy shredding!

By Chris Zoupa

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