Cool 'C' Lydian Lick With 5 Note Groupings

author: Chris Zoupa date: 02/18/2014 category: soloing
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Cool 'C' Lydian Lick With 5 Note Groupings
The Lydian mode has always fascinated me. I remember hearing Marty Friedman and sometimes Jason Becker use it when I first got into Cacophony and was absolutely blown away. The way they'd use it was eerie, mystical and sometimes extremely oriental sounding.

Before I put this exercise together I was messing around with some pentatonic with 5 note groupings. I remember Shawn Lane said something along the lines of "Using groups of 5s is a great way to throw the rhythm and predictability of straight quavers and semiquavers" without resorting to triplets or a dumb time signature.

So... I found a cool Lydian shape which happened to sound rather sexy in the key of "C." Keep in mind a few of these notes double up on string changes.

I added a pattern with groupings of 5 notes in straight quavers and hey presto! Lydian delight. I definitely think it has a Marty Friedman vibe.

Try figure out a way to implement this scale into your soloing. It'll definitely spice things up a bit!

Enjoy the exercise guys! Happy Shredding!

By Chris Zoupa
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