Metallica 'Creeping Death' Solo Lesson

author: Chris Zoupa date: 10/21/2013 category: soloing
rating: 8.7 / votes: 12 
Metallica 'Creeping Death' Solo Lesson
I had this on my request list and I was like "Chris can't you already play this?" I learned the solo again after 2 years of cobwebs and rust and I think the video came out okay. This solo is manageable but kinda lengthy. Some of Kirk note choice is questionable (like always) but the song and solo are pretty fun. The solo is mostly made up of pentatonics, a bit of arpeggio sweeps and some diatonic runs. A lot of the time you'll be dealing with triplets or straight semi-quavers with fast alternate picking. There's nothing too odd about the timing. More than anything just be patient and build up speed at a sensible pace. Enjoy the video and the accompanying tab - get it here! Take care guys! Happy shredding!
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