Pantera: 'I'm Broken' Guitar Solo Breakdown Lesson

author: Chris Zoupa date: 10/24/2013 category: soloing
rating: 8.9 / votes: 16 
Pantera: 'I'm Broken' Guitar Solo Breakdown Lesson
Good ol' Dime! This solo is from the C# (and a 1/4 sharp) standard era. Once you're in tune, you're ready to make some serious testosterock. The second section and the final shred are the only parts of this solo I'd concern myself with as the rest are pretty manageable. Section 2 tips: Ideally for the pentatonic run in Section 2 you'd want to work on pulloffs and string changing as well as using the pinky to get those epic Dimebag stretches he loves so much. Your picking hand doesn't play too much of a role in this run. Section 4 tips: As for the final shred just hone in on alternate picking with a basic semi-quaver feel. The positions are basically chromatic with a slight gap here and there. The run itself sounds like a pentatonic with accidentals/"blue" notes but you could just as easily work on the speed and technique doing basic 4 finger chromatic exercisers and warm ups. Download tab here. Have fun with it guys!
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