Refresh Your Soloing - Tapping the Pentatonic Fifths

author: daniel.kPL date: 09/02/2013 category: soloing
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Refresh Your Soloing - Tapping the Pentatonic Fifths
Everybody's crazy about tapping arpeggios. Here I give you a snippet of idea that I want you to explore. I call it "tapping the pentatonic fifths". This method incorporates tapping the notes of the scale you use, and that scale perfect fifth higher. Practice playing this A minor penta scale with E minor penta scale, and when you will be ready to use it in your improvisations! The method goes like this: Here we have A minor pentatonic scale:
E |--------------------------------------------------------------5-----8-------|
B |--------------------------------------------------5-----8-------------------|
G |--------------------------------------5-----7-------------------------------|
D |--------------------------5-----7-------------------------------------------|
A |--------------5-----7-------------------------------------------------------|
E |--5-----8-------------------------------------------------------------------|
And here is the same scale, but with every note tapped a perfect fifth higher, therefore - added E minor penta scale. Under the notes that have to be tapped, there is a "T". Use any RH finger you want. I use the middle one. The notes of both of these scales fit the key of A minor, so simply you can use it wherever you've been using good old A minor pentatonic. Good progression to put under this is the one that uses A minor - E minor chords.
E |--------------------------------------------------------------5--12-8--15--|
B |--------------------------------------------------5--12-8--15--------------|
G |--------------------------------------5--12-7--14--------------------------|
D |--------------------------5--12-7--14--------------------------------------|
A |--------------5--12-7--14--------------------------------------------------|
E |--5--12-8--15--------------------------------------------------------------|
        T     T     T     T     T     T     T     T     T     T     T      T   
I hope that this will lead you to some freshness in you soloing! Thank you for reading. Come visit my Facebook page and give me a like.
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