Spice Up Your Rock & Metal Riffs

author: Creative Guitar date: 09/02/2013 category: soloing
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Spice Up Your Rock & Metal Riffs
After you can play the typical power-chord progressions for rock and metal then the next step is to start composing riffs. Like a lot of things to do with writing on guitar I always suggest doing a ton of transcribing. By learning the songs by your favorite bands and taking stock of how they perform their lines you'll build your own riff concepts. Find out if your favorite bands use; chromatic ideas, blues concepts, or if they apply fast sixteenth-note phrases. Every band /guitarist will have a collection of unique phrasing tools they love to use. If you pay attention, you'll discover the core of what makes their solos and riffs so identifiable. It is crucial to learn how to interpret parts by your favorite players, and not only take notice what they do on guitar, but learn how to integrate their style into your own playing. For the video I've developed a collection of examples to begin to get you going with adding a little more spice to your rock & metal guitar riffs. All examples are shown with on-screen TAB. Enjoy! Watch the video lesson below to learn the examples:
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