Composing With a Drone String

author: Creative Guitar date: 03/25/2013 category: songwriting & lyrics
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Composing With a Drone String
The idea of applying a drone note is not only very cool sounding, but it has a ton of songwriting possibilities. In applying this, we can have any of our open strings act as a drone. Under the open string, we can play any major scale, minor scale, or any mode. We can perform the notes as single-note lines to create interesting moving melodies, or as chord riffs. We can play double-stop chord riffs, or triad riffs for creating all kinds of cool rhythm guitar parts. We can finger-pick lines with a drone-note under our finger-style part. And, we can even take the drone idea into several other keys by using a capo to anchor-down any pitch we'd like (on any string, having it act as our drone). The possibilities are quite overwhelming when you really consider all of the directions that we can take with having a drone note in operation! In the video I run through a few scales on a neck diagram. Then I head over to the guitar to discuss how drone notes can be applied upon the guitar's fingerboard. Several musical examples are also demonstrated. Watch the video to learn more:
Head over to My Website and download the free handout with all of the examples in TAB, as well as, a free MP3 Jam-Track for this lesson.
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