Bumblefoot: 'I Didn't Want to Betray Axl by Jamming With Slash'

artist: Guns N' Roses date: 12/05/2013 category: entertainment
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Bumblefoot: 'I Didn't Want to Betray Axl by Jamming With Slash'
Current Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron Bumblefoot Thal has been speaking to Argentina's Vorterix radio station (via Blabbermouth) about relations between the current and former line-up of the band. As Thal notes, while he is on speaking terms with Duff McKagan, he tends to avoid former guitarist Slash: "That one I steer clear of. Simply because there's such a heated relationship between Axl and Slash. I don't want Axl to feel betrayed if I'm ... I think it would bother him if ... [Slash and I] have a lot of mutual friends, though. "[Slash and I] almost were in a situation when we might be on the same stage together in Las Vegas in July. I was playing with the bass player from Pantera, Rex Brown, and Brian Tichy on drums, who had played with Slash, and we were doing a bunch of KISS covers in Vegas, just having fun. And it was the same night that Slash was doing his final show of his fun and he was in Vegas. Yeah, we were just playing not far from there, and there was talk that he was gonna come and play on stage. And I was, like, 'Hmmm...' "Because, for me, I don't have problems with anybody ... Although I do have a couple of problems with Mr. Adler. 'Cause he tends to say some nasty things about the current band, and then I say some things back, and then he apologizes, and we make nice, and I talk to him, and then he says it again, he says something bad again. Steven, stop it! But even him, if I saw him, I'd give him a big, old hug. I'd tell him what a pain in my ass he is and then I'd give him a hug. "But there was talk leading up to that night, there were a lot of texts going back and forth between Slash and the guys I was with doing the KISS stuff about him coming and joining on stage for a song. And I'm, like, I don't wanna be rude and step down, because that's just, like, insulting. If he gets on stage, like, 'Alright, you play,' and I'm walking off. But then if I do it, it's, like, that's kind of not cool at all to Axl, 'cause I know that he would feel really ... So I was, like, 'Ahhh ... what to do.' So there was just a lot of inter-texting and stuff, just kind of feeling it out with the guys on my end. It turned out that [Slash] had to grab a flight to Europe early the next morning, so he wasn't coming at the last minute, it wasn't happening. "I mean, I wasn't that worried about it, because I'm just like, 'You know what?! Whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen.' You've just gotta kind of trust your gut in situations. And honestly, no matter what, the world is not gonna crumble. It's a bunch of musicians jamming and having fun. Ultimately, that's all it's about."
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