Daniel Radcliffe Denies Rumours of Freddie Mercury Role

artist: queen date: 09/26/2013 category: entertainment
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Daniel Radcliffe Denies Rumours of Freddie Mercury Role
"Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe has denied rumors that he's set to play Freddie Mercury in the forthcoming Queen movie.

His name came up as the band revealed that they wanted to cancel Sacha Baron Cohen from playing the role. "We felt Sacha probably wasn't right in the end. We didn't want it to be a joke. We want people to be moved," said Queen drummer Roger Taylor this week.

Now Radcliffe has set the record straight (via NME):

"Everyone on the internet who I presume is saying I'm totally wrong for that part is correct," he said. "I AM completely wrong for that part!"

He continued: "If I'd seen a rumour about me playing Iggy Pop, I'd think, 'Hey, I'd have a go at that – that'd be fun!', but Freddie Mercury? No. I don't even know who the director is."

Meanwhile, the Queen movie is pressing ahead without a named actor in its lead role, but the band are growing impatient with progress.

"I thought the music business was slow, but this has been like swimming in treacle," said Taylor.
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