Dave Lombardo Working on Music for Disney Cartoon: 'Never Thought It Could Be This Fun!'

artist: Dave Lombardo date: 05/29/2014 category: entertainment
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Dave Lombardo Working on Music for Disney Cartoon: 'Never Thought It Could Be This Fun!'
Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has made a bit of an unexpected announcement, confirming his involvement with an upcoming Disney cartoon.

Yesterday (May 28), Dave briefly tweeted, "I've been working on the music to a cartoon pilot for Disney and never thought it could be this much fun ... Stay Tooned!"

Since parting ways with Slayer, Lombardo has mostly focused on Philm, with whom he has recorded a new album "Fire From the Evening Sun," tentatively due in July. The drummer also made a guest appearance on the latest Sepultura album "The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart."

Back to the Disney announcement, no specific details regarding Lombardo's involvement have been revealed as of yet, so in Dave's words - "stay tooned."

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