GWAR Trail History Movie

artist: gwar date: 09/01/2014 category: entertainment
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GWAR Trail History Movie
GWAR have released a nine-minute trailer for the movie that will tell the story of the band's career, Metal Hammer reports.

"Let There Be GWAR" documents the outfit from their earliest days until the death of mainman Dave Brockie, alias Oderus Urungus, in March.

No release date has been set – but the band have discussed how they intend to continue, with former bassist Michael Bishop taking the role of new frontman character Blothar for their upcoming shows.

Plans to stop touring next year have been shelved as a result of the change in circumstances. Backing vocalist Bob "Bone Snapper" Gorman tells Style Weekly: "We just have to keep putting out quality stuff. If it started to suck we'd lose our credibility."

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