Hotel Named After Bob Dylan Opens in Woodstock

artist: bob dylan date: 07/22/2014 category: entertainment
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Hotel Named After Bob Dylan Opens in Woodstock
A hotel inspired by Bob Dylan's life has opened in Woodstock, New York, NME reports.

The Hotel Dylan, located just a few miles from where the singer used to record on Route 28, is at the centre of a new complex designed by owner Paul Covello and architects Cortney and Robert Novogratz.

The establishment, which owner Covello told the Hollywood Reporter has a "bohemian sophistication," also features rooms named in tribute to musicians other than Dylan who are associated with the area and the Woodstock festival, including "The Jimi," "The Roadies," "The Van" and "The Hippie Chick."

Every room in the hotel has its own turntable and records. Plans for a gastropub are also in the pipeline, where Covello says there will be a music venue for "intimate, unplugged concerts."

A total of 149 "lost" Bob Dylan acetate records were found in a New York cupboard earlier this month. The never-heard-before versions of songs that would eventually feature on the iconic singer-songwriter's "Nashville Skyline," "Self Portrait" and "New Morning" albums were found in a closet in a building at 124 W Houston Street in Manhattan, which was once home to a studio Dylan worked in from 1969 to 1972.
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