Kanye West 'Setlist' Revealed, but It's Better to Call It 'Rantlist'

artist: kanye west date: 07/10/2014 category: entertainment
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Kanye West 'Setlist' Revealed, but It's Better to Call It 'Rantlist'
Kanye West has become as famous for his mental on-stage rants as he has his music. To celebrate that fact, a brilliant "Kanye rant setlist" has been created. Check it out below (via Gigwise).

Recent headline-grabbing, audience-splitting rants include his "I'm going after Walt Disney" one at Bonnarroo and last weekend's "f--k my face" speech at Wireless festival.

Now, to celebrate Yeezy's forked tongue, the very good people at Funny or Die have devised this awesome setlist with rant prompts. Some of them are based on reality ("17 minute rant about why I'm mad at Louis Vuitton right now" and "20 minute rant about how I invented the concept of leather sweatpants") while others are just insane enough to be future outbursts ("Toyotas cause cancer," "Why can't we sit on clouds?" "Ball point vs Gel pens" and "Ferries are the new bridge").

Go check it out yourselves.

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