Mastodon Announce 'Weird, Mathy,' Stevie Wonder-Inspired Album, Confirm Nick Raskulinecz as Producer

artist: mastodon date: 11/21/2013 category: entertainment
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Mastodon Announce 'Weird, Mathy,' Stevie Wonder-Inspired Album, Confirm Nick Raskulinecz as Producer
Keeping their unpredictable charm alive and well, US metallers Mastodon have shared a fresh set of details regarding the new record. Drummer Brann Dailor was the one who did the talking as he explained Rolling Stone about the band's decision to hire Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Deftones, Rush, Alice in Chains) to take the helm of production. "He's a rock guy. He's a rocker. He likes to rock," the drummer kicked off in his distinctive style. "He's done a bunch of our friends' records that sound great," Brann adds. "I'm a fan of all the Deftones records he's done, all the Alice in Chains stuff, and he worked with Queens of the Stone Age on 'Songs for the Deaf.'" Focusing more on the record itself, Dailor confirmed about 18 or 19 songs written, stressing the need to "trim the herd." In general, the fans can expect the band to stay on course toward uncharted waters. "It's gonna be massive and insane, lots of epic greatness," he says. "There will be lots of huge riffs and new directions. It's real weird, real math-y, real straightforward. It's up, down and all around [laughs]. "It's a culmination of everything for the band," the drummer concluded. "The snowball keeps rolling and collecting snow." When it comes to the band's key inspiration figures, Brann singled out an unexpected Motown giant - Stevie Wonder. As the drummer explained, Stevie's live shows are what gets Mastodon in that perfect groove mode. "Every night before we went onstage, we used to put on a video of Stevie Wonder, live in '72 on a New York public access show, and then Stevie live in '75 on a German music show," he says. "Watching Stevie Wonder, he gets there, and it doesn't seem hard for him," Dailor continued. "It just puts me in that mindset where it's more of a spiritual realm of going on the stage as opposed to taking it for granted." Switching from light mood to more serious one, the drummer briefly concluded: "There's very few things that anybody can do to stop a Mastodon record from being born. And this thing's gonna get born, OK? And there's nothing anybody can do about it. We're ready to lay them s--ts down. We're ready to rock." So Mastodon are ready to rock, are you ready for what they might deliver? Let us know in the comments.
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