New Music Playlist: QOTSA, Anthrax, Alkaline Trio, Deap Vally and More

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New Music Playlist: QOTSA, Anthrax, Alkaline Trio, Deap Vally and More
Welcome to this week's UG playlist, a roundup of all the best new music streams to appear on the internet this week. First up we've got some big names like Queens of the Stone Age, Anthrax and Alkaline Trio but it's the underground artists further down which you really must check out. The hot ones to watch are Deap Vally, two rocking women with a big fuzzy rock sound that will have you swooning. That's followed by two more excellent tracks; Little Ceasar have wrapped up the best of American music with a hard-rocking country sound, while Wolf People are like a showcase of the best of Britain with their Black Sabbath-infused folk notes. There's plenty more to enjoy, so spend some time with them and let us know what you enjoy most in the comments. As always, we welcome your own music tips, so share a YouTube link in the comments and we'll check it out.

Queens of the Stone Age "My God is the Sun"

You've probably heard this awesome track already, but we can't skip it off the weekly playlist when it's so good. The album "... Like Clockwork" will probably have much better tracks on it, and this is an appealing preview of what is yet to come.

Anthrax "Smokin'" (Boston cover)

Another excellent cover from their "Anthems" EP. This Boston cover features guest keyboardist Fred Mandel. "You'll always hear 'Boston' blasting out of our dressing rooms or our bus," says drummer Charlie Benante. "It's one of those timeless records that doesn't have a bad track on it. It's almost like a greatest-hits album.

Alkaline Trio "I Wanna Be a Warhol"

Standard pop punk. What else is there to say?

Deap Vally "Lies"

Prepare yourself for something awesome. These two women (Lindsey Troy on guitar and Julie Edwards on drums) are surely going to cause a storm with their rip-roaring vocals and huge guitar distortion. Awesome stuff.

Little Caesar "Dirty Water"

Fantastic dirty country with plenty of attitude. If you like the intro, just wait until the proper hard-rocking song kicks in. There's a great solo around the 2 minute mark too.

Wolf People "All Returns"

This is incredible. Imagine folk riffs being played in a Sabbath style and you're halfway there, but then it all flips on its head for soulful progressive verses. It's hard to achieve a proper timeless sound, but it seems like Wolf People have nailed it.

The New Black "Sharkpool"

Massive riffage with booming bass in this amusing little video. Everyone loves puppets.

Spiritual Beggars "Wise as a Serpent"

This psychedelic track will have you in the mood to build a time machine and travel back to the '70s. Guitarist Michael Amott says: "We chose this particular song as the first video off 'Earth Blues' because it's an explosive track and also the shortest song on the album!"

And So I Watch You From Afar "Big Things Do Remarkable"

Now for something really original. Jumping from spazzy guitar jabbering to joyous dancing harmonies and whooshing synths, this is sure to put you in the mood for spring.

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