Paul Di'Anno: 'My Retirement Isn't an Actual Retirement Retirement'

artist: Paul Di'Anno date: 12/11/2013 category: entertainment
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Paul Di'Anno: 'My Retirement Isn't an Actual Retirement Retirement'
Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno was quick to squash his recent retirement announcement, now describing it only as a retirement from "Maiden s--t." Chatting with Metal Force, Di'Anno explained (via Classic Rock), "It's not an actual retirement retirement. All I'm doing is retiring the Iron Maiden s--t. I'm sick of it. I'm f--king done, mate. It was a nice gesture to say thank you on the anniversary of the Maiden albums and it got out of control." As the singer pointed out, he got tired of promoters thinking "We can get a covers band with Paul Di'Anno singing," adding, "You can go f--k yourself - that ain't going to happen. So it's all over." After quitting the "Maiden s--t," Di'Anno now plans to reform his '90s band Killers, named after an Iron Maiden album he performed on. "We'll see what happens," he added. "It's quite exciting - it means I can be in a whole band again, not just me with different members. A band situation is what I really want. I want to be part of a family again. I can't f--king wait, I'm telling you."

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