Police Officer Fakes Disability Leave to Tour With Metal Band, Pleads Guilty of Fraud

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Police Officer Fakes Disability Leave to Tour With Metal Band, Pleads Guilty of Fraud
A former cop from the Port Authority area of New York has pled guilty to claiming disability benefit while on tour with his heavy metal band.

Christopher Inserra, 32, took two years off work and claimed $30,000 in benefits due to an arm injury sustained in 2010. However, the supposedly incapacitated Inserra spent his absence on tour as the singer of Brooklyn based metal band Cousin Sleaze.

As NY Daily News reports, suspicions about Inserra’s benefits claims were raised after videos of him performing with the band that showed him violently flailing and thrashing his injured arm appeared on YouTube.

The singer will have to pay £30,466 to the government in forfeiture. He may also face up to 14 months in prison when sentenced. He remains free on $25,000 bail.
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