Wayne Static: 'Last Year Was Tough, I Thought I Was Gonna Kill Myself'

artist: static x date: 12/09/2013 category: entertainment
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Wayne Static: 'Last Year Was Tough, I Thought I Was Gonna Kill Myself'
2013 wasn't an easy year for Static-X mastermind Wayne Static, who recently opened up about the issues he faced over the past 12 months. Chatting with Gotham News, Wayne didn't hesitate to confess thinking he was close to taking away his own life, listing a series of rough patches he'd gone through. "I've got a lot to be angry about," he said. "Facing felony drug charges, people embezzling money from me and all this shit. Man, last year was a tough year. I f--king went on Prozac for a while and thought I was gonna kill myself. It was a f--king hard, hard, hard year." However, Static summed up his thoughts on an optimistic note, adding, "Things are finally coming around now. I've got a new manager and a whole new team. I ended up getting into a f--king fistfight with my merch guy on the last tour. My drummer quit ... just all this crazy s--t [laughs]. "But everything is coming back together and I have a positive attitude. I've got Bevan Davies, he did the last two Static-X tours, and he's a f--king awesome drummer. I'm really excited to bring the band out and play some old-school evil disco, put all the bulls--t behind us go on stage and f--king tear it up." Asked to comment on new material, Wayne confirmed plans for a late-2014 release. "I think I'll get a new album out next year but it's gonna be later in the year for sure," he explained. "Right now we’re just going to focus on getting everything running again on tour and we're gonna be doing the 15-year Anniversary of 'Wisconsin Death Trip' Tour next year. We're gonna play that whole album front to back with a different encore set every night. I think the fans are gonna love it, there’s songs on there that we've never even played live." The frontman also addressed the Ian Watkins case, saying he "went through that" as a bandmate. "My old guitarist was arrested for statutory rape," he said. "It really set my career back for a while and casual fans think that I'm a pedophile. I've had people threaten to f--king kill me because they thought I was this pedophile."
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