Alice Cooper On Today's Rock Bands: 'Where Is The Fire?'

artist: alice cooper date: 06/14/2012 category: general music news
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Alice Cooper On Today's Rock Bands: 'Where Is The Fire?'
Alice Cooper doesn't see much in rock today that interests him. In a new interview, he railed against what he perceives to be a lack of fire and a desire many bands have to be image-free. "My pet peeve right now is that 80-90 percent of the modern rock bands are just testosterone-free," he told Cincinnati's City Beat. "I am listening to these bands and going, Where is the spark? Where is the fire?' These bands are whining like crazy[I]t's like they are trying not to be rock starsThat's crazy. If you are in a rock band, you get in a rock band to be something different. I guess modern rock bands really just want to blend in and I think it is the most boring time in rock right now that I have ever seen." Cooper isn't referring to Lady Gaga, who's "Born This Way" he's been covering lately. And there are a couple of others that escape his wrath. "Jack White is amazing," he continued. "The Foo Fighters are amazing. I don't know the Black Veil Brides music very much but I love the image. At least they are going out of their way to be something that when you see them on stage you say, That's the Black Veil Brides.' But when I see 99% of the other bands up there I say those bands can be anybody. I just don't get the fact that everybody is so against having image." Thanks for the report to
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