Andrew W.K.: 'I'm Still Going To The Middle East'

artist: Andrew W.K. date: 12/01/2012 category: general music news
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Andrew W.K.: 'I'm Still Going To The Middle East'
Andrew W.K. has vowed to visit the Middle East, even though his ambassadorial trip to Bahrain was cancelled by the US Department of State earlier this week. Speaking to Spinner, the singer said that the people of Bahrain have personally invited him to visit their country. He said: "In the face of a lot of disappointment and confusion there has been an incredible amount of support, especially from Bahrain. They've now invited me personally, regardless of whether or not my own country wants me to go, and we're actively working on that." W.K. added: "I was so proud and honoured, and humbled at the same time to be able to go there formally with the State Department's invitation. But just because they changed their minds at the last second doesn't mean that we still can't go, so we actually are working on that and we're very thankful and very moved by the kindness of the Bahrainis." The singer went on to say that he still has not been officially told why the trip was cancelled, but says he thinks "a snap judgment was made, and someone judged the way I looked or the type of music that I made." The "Party Hard" singer was set to travel to Bahrain next month to promote partying and positive power in the troubled region after being invited by the US embassy in Manama in partnership with the US Department of State. However, a spokesperson for the US Department of State then said that after reconsideration, the embassy thought W.K. was "probably not a best choice and didn't meet our standards." Thanks for the report to
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