Asking Alexandria: 'We're Taking Some Time Off'

artist: Asking Alexandria date: 07/15/2014 category: general music news
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Asking Alexandria: 'We're Taking Some Time Off'
According to Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop, it might take quite a bit while before we get to hear fresh material from the band.

Chatting with Capital Chaos, Danny noted that the group is going to take some time off, but is still working on the new record, although at a rather slow pace.

"There's nothing new," he kicked off. "We're just starting out writing for the next album - who knows when that'll be, don't even ask me for a date, and you guys don't get excited, 'cause it's not soon."

"We're taking some time off in 2015," the singer continued. "We're taking off the first half of the year to work on new music and figure out what the hell is our next album gonna sound like. 'Cause we are unpredictable, who knows. It could sound like Whitesnake, or maybe we could rip off Suicide Silence."

In one of the previous interviews, Danny described the bits of material band wrote so far as "Whitesnake-y," but it yet remains to be seen what the "From Death to Destiny" follow-up will end up like. Stay tuned for more.

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