Assistant Steals From Cream Drummer

artist: cream date: 10/25/2010 category: general music news
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Ginger Baker is famous for playing the drums in the legendary blues-rock group Cream, and is widely considered one of the if not the most influential drummers of the 1960's. The drummer, who is now over 70 years old, unfortunately had thousands of dollars stolen from him from one of the people he trusted the most. The drummer's former assistant, Lindiwe Noko, was convicted of over 20 counts of fraud in a South African court last month after Baker accused her of embezzling almost $50,000 from his bank account. She, after finding out Baker's information when teaching him to use an ATM machine, apparently used his PIN number to withdraw a large amount of the drummer's cash. But while the assistant's fraudulence should have earned her a trip to prison, instead the judge decided to give her a correctional supervision sentence. This means the criminal will be under strict surveillance, but will be able to remain at home with very little consequences to her actions. Ginger Baker is outraged at the fact that a person who has committed a crime this serious will get away with such a light sentence, saying (It's a) travesty of justice. She should have been in prison for what she did to me. I trusted her and took her into my life and she repaid me by stealing from me.
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