Axl Apologises For 2002 Riot

artist: Guns N' Roses date: 02/29/2012 category: general music news
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Axl Apologises For 2002 Riot
Ten years later, Axl Rose has apologised for the infamous night when Guns N' Roses failed to show up for a gig in Philadelphia in 2002. At the time, fans waited until 11:15pm before promoters cancelled the show. The resulting riot left five people hospitalised, while the band were reportedly still in New York following their previous show. Axl made the apology on Monday night when the band returned to Philadelphia on tour. He blamed his manager and tour promoters, but admitted he wasn't innocent either: "I got sued for about, everything I own," he told the audience (via Blabbermouth). "I did cancel the first show, at about six in the morning. My manager told me he canceled it and then didn't. And then Clear Channel wanted us to f--k up, because they wanted to end the tour ... but I got really sick. "So it's good to be here. I want to apologize for my part of that. I'm not saying I'm innocent." The 2002 Philly show might have sparked a riot, but Axl had long developed a reputation for lateness. His tardy showings during shows in the 90s bothered bandmates, and in 2001 the band were a full two hours late for the epic Rock in Rio. On some occasions, their late starting times force their set past official curfews. In 2010, organisers at Reading Festival pulled the plug on their set to avoid fines for noise pollution, and in the same year their set in London's O2 Arena sent them an hour past the official curfew. Watch Axl's apology here:
Should Axl be more respectful to patient fans, or is his attitude an acceptable part of being a classic rock star? Tell him what you think in the comments.
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