Behemoth: Nergal's Ex-Fiancee Fined For Offending Religious Sentiment

artist: behemoth date: 01/17/2012 category: general music news
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Behemoth: Nergal's Ex-Fiancee Fined For Offending Religious Sentiment
According to, Behemoth's guitarist/vocalist Adam "Nergal" Darski former fiance Dorota Rabczewska - better known as the 27-year-old Polish pop singer Doda - has been fined 5,000 zloty (approximately $1,440) by a Warsaw court for offending religious feelings. During a 2009 interview with Gazeta Dziennik Prawna, Rabczewska lamented that there were no references to dinosaurs in the Bible, and said it was "hard to believe in something written by someone who was hammered on wine and who'd been smoking herbs." Ryszard Nowak, chairman of the privately run Nationwide Defence Committee Against Sects, brought the case against Rabczewska. Rabczewska did not plead guilty, and claimed that she had not intended to offend anyone. The singer argued that the cited herbs "were certainly therapeutic ones" and that the alcohol in question was "sacramental wine". In August 2011, Darski was found innocent of offending religious feelings in connection with a September 2007 incident when he reportedly called the Catholic Church "the most murderous cult on the planet" during the band's performance in Gdynia and tore up a copy of the Bible, calling it "a book of lies". A Polish judge ruled that Darski's ripping up of a Bible during a show was a form of artistic expression consistent with the style of his band.
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