Black Veil Brides Singer Wants To Work With Gene Simmons

artist: Black Veil Brides date: 11/11/2011 category: general music news
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Black Veil Brides Singer Wants To Work With Gene Simmons
Black Veil Brides singer Andy Biersack, aka Andy Sixx, has taken a few hard knocks as of late; notably, breaking his nose at a gig in the UK near the end of October and having to cancel the remainder of the band's UK tour. But, looking back at 2011, Biersack sees nothing but positives, from receiving honors from Revolver magazine to playing mega-festivals such as Bamboozle and Rock on the Range. What's Biersack's highlight, this far, this year? "Oh, man, I couldn't say one," he told Audio Ink Radio. "Winning the award for Best New Band from Revolver, winning the Best International Newcomer Award from Kerrang, having everyone from Alice Cooper to Sebastian Bach saying we're one of the best new bands out there, playing in front of 40,000 people at Download, having an entire sold-out tour in Europe, having a Top 20 record on the Billboard charts. There's so much for which we're thankful. It's been a great year." Biersack and Black Veil Brides have met and played with a crop of legendary musicians this year, from Motley Crue six-stringer Mick Mars to Alice Cooper. Is there anyone left on Biersack's "dream list?" "Honestly, the only person left is [KISS'] Gene Simmons. I've met him, but have never played with him," he said. "All of my other heroes, now have played with Black Veil Brides. It's been really incredible." Thanks for the report to
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